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hey hey hey !


I finally figured out my old login....


Extreme Hammock was a website, and eventually we just let it expire. This youtube video was the highlight of our bullshit. I'm sure it would be entirely different now in a social media world, but there was something special about taking a stupid idea and making a website about it - and getting a hammock company to sponsor me and send me free hammocks!!




I think this user account was my 3rd or 4th one. I'd retire accounts at a certain point because I was scared my old boss would stumble upon an open web browser and see 30,000+ posts on a message board and fire my ass. Granted there were some days where I did NOTHING except 12oz, so he probably should have.

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@RumPuncherwelcome back brother, been a long freakin time. Super psyched to see you back on.


If you still have the files, I can host them on my server for old times sake. Up to you, but DM if interested. Got plenty of space and resource for it.


In regards to the various accounts, hit me up if you want to recover any of the other ones or also if you'd like to merge them so you can consolidate the post counts.


In any case, welcome back... Enjoy!

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Please believe I've had plenty of dumb (and not so dumb) projects since then, so I'm happy to just left eXhammock be an internet ghost. Thanks for the offer though.


oh yeah... @<KEY3>was me. I forget which silly characters I would use to spice up my names. back when 1337 was a thing. I flew though those 7 thousand posts and didn't look back. Could you merge that one, the original @--zeSto--one and this current one? let me hunt for the other one....

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3 hours ago, RumPuncher said:

Haha... it's definitely not a sport. Well... the sport aspect would be climbing. Once you get into the hammock... it's a lifestyle.

I’ve got a very narrow definition of sport. Of which, I’d agree, eXhammock does not meet. 


But I still talk a bout it a bunch. 

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