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Remembering those that are gone now

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Shout out to POZ aka PitOfZombies...  RIP my dude.


Quincy was a good dude.  Had a chance to kick it with him when he was bangin' VAJ back a few years ago...  Maybe like 2012...


This thread is to remember those that are no longer with us.  Post people you know that can't post for themselves.

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RIP to my homie Oba , can't remember his handle on here but 12oz helped us meet up again after years.


At one point we were really good friends and wrote graffiti together regularly. Mad talented, and he was on the road to becoming a pretty good artist until he turned 19 and started developing schizophrenia. I had to leave Pittsburgh around that time when he started showing symptoms and ended up losing contact with him.


Never knew what happened to him until I was conversing with someone in crossfire, and they ended up PM'ing me like "Are you Mercer from Pittsburgh?" Mind was blown. He somehow made it through basic training after we lost contact and was active duty in the Army for a year or two before they gave hime a medical early retirement due to his mental illness. When we reconnected he was in a mental hospital.


Long story short he ended up moving back to Pittsburgh and the entire crew chilled together with him when he got there. He passed away back in 2010 due to his illness. Glad we got to hang out together one last time.  

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@nsmbfanappreciate you making this post. You can read the full rant regarding social media, but part of why I'm doing this is because way too many people have died and so many more are out of touch and lost. Lots of great relationships began on this board and I feel that it's high time we reconnect with as many as we can.


Plus this place was way more fun than Instagram and Facebook, etc ever were.


Sorry to sorta stray off topic.

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It's all good, he passed in 2010 and I've gotten to the point now where I just try to focus on celebrating the positive aspects of life friends and family that passed lived. Went through a time where so many people passed it almost made me numb. I remember how Oil passing hit you hard, hopefully you can stay focused on the positive.

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RIP POZ & swordfish meatloaf


Only knew them from here and TC but feel like I got to know both of them fairly well.


Lived a few blocks from POZ for some time and we have mutual friends. Seen him riding his bike but we never linked up even though he had extended the offer.


Talked with sword a lot on TC. I always enjoyed his humor, stories, honesty and great taste in music.


I have reread their posts numerous times since they left us and remember the talks on TC. Definitely good people.

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Pit, Sword and Illuminati were all regulars on TC back during the recession when I had a lot of time on my hands, spending a few hours a week chatting adds up to something.


Their passing is tragic.


I hope that their families and friends are doing okay with the loss. My experience with death is that it is always a bigger deal than expected, like the regular emotional imagination can't really cook up how much or how long the event will have and hold impact.



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