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Steel metal worm stainer ink
eating plastic  insides, genitian violet,

carbon black, methaline blue,
glass bath frosty etch.

Solvent leak to raw skin
poison seeps in blood of the vandal
Dylan Thomas over dose NYC hard
portrait of the Artist as a young dog
arcane ancient forever above God...

Streets bombed, broken glass,
wasted houses, suburban sprawl.
London tunnels clawed out by children
worming subways paw thru old dirt.

Silver flake lung inhalant-
lead fumes, the nineteen seventy's
Iz the Wiz dilapidated with poison,
carriage rust, chemicals buff rinsing.
Layers decay, a city fruit truck,
out the Bronx veteran
black chrome menacing...

White dust fill  Jason Avildsen PCP graffiti
naked on the elevated line
clawing tags into the night like knife 
Blade, Stayhigh 149 nineteen eighty's New York City
Philadelphia experiments tall flow
scrawl snow blizzard, heavy sleet hail.

Underground 3rd rail, sneakers melted
twenty thousand volt electrocution
young king dead on the track.

Pockmarked youth rabies animal,
fear unknown Lovecrafts red hook
creeping to tarnish.

fallen society, greed-caution,
cities of pride fallen

the doom that came to Sarnath.

channel children's rage, scrawl orphan-
gleam look, king castle rook,
chess game corners, smashed blocks
scratch tags envelop vehicles qwned corrupt Cops.

Gothic futurism, protected arcane letters,

Ram Elle Zee mystic
mind in vomitus dust- full color,

this word masterpiece- all city murder

 my scripture scrawl wild-style burner.

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On 7/12/2018 at 2:36 PM, misteraven said:

This is something different. Not sure there’s been a poetry thread on 12oz before. 



Thats cool, saying something, I've  been on 12oz for a long time, kinda thought id woulda been done before-- TENS2/ ALIEN WIZARD LPMGz KR FILTH BML OTB...,,,

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