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Forums that are still kicking ?

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What other forums are still going strong?


I know whatchuseek is still big for any watch related posts.


Surfermag forum is there (they're worse assholes than y'all)


Um a few niche car forums. 

Post em if you got em.

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Heh, I mainly stick to the DSM forums but there are some others that I visit from time to time.


Shameless plug -> http://www.dsmecu.com is my forum that I host and the subject matter is mitsubishi engine computer calibration and other types of car fabrication subjects.

http://www.dsmtuners.com is the big dsm forum that has been around for a while.... there is a ton of good info there even if you don't own a dsm.  I was talking to a guy that got hired at Real St. Performance out of Florida the other day and his automotive sports background is similar to mine, in that we both  came from working with the Mitsubishi 4G63 platform to working on Toyota 2JZ's.  We both laughed at the fact that you can look up on google "pcv valve" which is a part on most vehicles.... and you will find links to the dsm forums right at the top.  The reason for this is that the DSM community is pretty crazy with the DIY aspects of things and they're kind of inherently cheap skates.  That's not meant as a low jab or anything but it's how I got my chops in working on cars and I now run a forum that has licensed engineers in the industry willing to share their information with anyone that asks..... because that's how the DSM guys are.


If I can think of any other forums I will share them.

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On 7/6/2018 at 10:36 PM, simon sandleshit said:

looks like slap magazine skateboard forum is still active..i used to kick it on skateboard-city forum too but its pretty slow there last time i checked in

Lurk on the slap forum daily.  Never bothered to register over the years. 

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1 hour ago, +plus+ said:

thanks yall. Glad to see soem peeps in here. Yo brewster you still working petroleum? Last I remember you got a new truck, idk how many years ago that was 

Yeah, up in Oklahoma at the moment.  Probably the dodge I had.  Traded that in for a Lexus.  Then went back to a dodge, should’ve kept the first dodge.  The second one I hit a cow with, got rid of that at just drove my company truck and lowrider  pretty much still do that but I have a Jeep that sits in the driveway when needed. 

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