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The 12oz Middle Life Thread - Let's do this.


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Hey everybody,

since we're kinda back here and catching up, and we're 40ish by now, tired by social media

with less hair, more sceletomuscular issues and definitely more aware of our mortality and unable to read very small print,

i was wondering, what are you people in on right now, besides work?

Let's see.


I'm in

-Trail running.

I run around 32k per week, sometimes more, sometimes less, mostly uphill. I've run the Authentic Marathon 3 times and a couple mountain marathons and half marathons, including one in Mt. Olympus (yeah, the mountain Zeus used to throw the lightning bolts from)



I read Epictitus freedom last summer and it opened my eyes, with so much shit around the world right now, with so many realizations to be made within our own little systems. Stoicism is an approach that really keeps you grounded.

It's also a great counter strategy to social media in a way.


-Great Coffee.

Started drinking coffee some years ago, I'm so hooked its ridiculous. I don't drink alot but i try to make it count. I use an aeropress with some fine ass freshly grinded ethiopian beans at home and i enjoy a well made espresso outside.


-Vintage Porn

I like to browse penthouse and playboy magazines from mid 80's to early 90's. Everything else is quite disgusting to be honest.


-Reading as much as possible to my daughter.

She's five, loves books, so do i.

I keep the magazines to my self.


-Reading about the war in Syria.

Surrealism is old but this 7 year old conflict is such a clusterfuck it's impossible not to be interested in it. The whole world is there, making moves.

It's so hard to make a safe conclusion it's a form of meditation.


That's the 40 year old me pretty much, so boring.





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Raising free range birds and organic gardening in the mountains of NW Montana. Figured I love quality eggs and meat, but more than anything its fun and I'm a big advocate of self reliance.





Been doing a lot of tactical shooting, with plans to get more into precision shooting. Guess it goes hand in hand with where I live now, but truth is that shooting is my Zen. The focus, discipline, experience and talent to put a round on target as intended, while remaining safe and doing it well... Takes a lot of focus and effort. While striving for that, there's no room to dwell on the usual shit that stresses you out and bogs you down, so it's become a welcome reprieve. I enjoy the clarity of mind and spirit that comes with it and have come to enjoy the exercise involved and the fact that its such a great personal and financial investment. (most my guns are worth more now then when I bought them despite being used).


Trying to eat and live healthy. Just recently got into riding a Pelaton bike that my wife is super into. Also changed my diet significantly to cut out almost all sugar (basically allow myself a cheat day occasionally) and try to target 15 - 20g of carbs a day if not less (though I'm experimenting with cycling slightly high amounts for a week or two at a time, every 6 - 8 weeks or so).



And of course, spending a lot of time with family!


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Can relate, getting to a point where I notice I’m getting older. Like seeing in the dark, and reading very fine print is much harder. I’ll occasionally have to pull out the phone and turn on the flashlight. Last weekend I had to take a photo of my maxbook’s serial number when going through the motions of setting up an appointment for the Apple store. Didn’t feel so bad when the kid that helped me there also had trouble, but he did eventually read it without digital assistance.




I’m trying to stay fit, but it’s a struggle. I bought a grill and put on 20 pounds in 3 months from nearing it out. My old man knees can’t really take running when I’m overweight by this much. Recently signed up for a year membership at a fairly reputable MMA gym. Getting my ass kicked every Wed. & Friday actually makes me feel better and the weight is coming off. Wore my watch for a heavy bag training session that was followed by calisthenics, and stretching and it said I burned 1600 calories in just over an hour.




Recently turned on to Anarcho-Capitalism philosophy, which somehow never reached my radar. Feel like Ive finally found a political philosophy that’s matched my lifelong disdain for authority, but simotanius love for technology and human prosperity. Been reading a lot of Economic and political based philosophy regarding the subject, along with hours of audiobooks. It’s funny but I’m more likely to be caught listening to a boring ass audio book now while sitting in traffic than bumping music. I’m actually annoyed by kids that bump loud music now, and occasionally think back to the sideways stares I would get from older people when I was a kid bumping rap, drum and bass, and punk rock. I am that annoyed motorist now, I try not to stare or look annoyed, but I am pissed that I have to rewind 30 seconds because some asshole drowned out my audio book with what I consider shit music (Billboard top 40 hip hop).




One thing Ive always taken note of is how people tend to not listen to newer styles of music past what was available, or cool in their early 20’s. I never wanted to be that old fart, and actively seek out, and listen to newer stuff myself. There’s still plenty of new music in my rotation from artists that were around from back in the 90’s early 200’s, or bands that try to sound retro.


But I’m into a lot of the rap that pisses off 90% of the people in my age bracket, and still have an ear for modern edm. Admittedly, It’s really hard for me to find newer rock music that I’m in to that isn’t old, or retro sounding though. Was thinking about making a thread to share some of the stuff I’m into now actually.

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Having turned the corner into solid middle age I am finding myself with more freedom than I had as a younger adult. For reasons that are typical and tragic my child has chosen to live with his mother full time which, along with him approaching adulthood himself has changed the role I play in his life and has afforded me free time on a scale that I have not known as an adult.


This week I moved from Seattle to Cleveland to mine a tunnel out here for the next three years, I have never lived outside of my home area code so this will be a bit of an adventure. 


I have been swimming off and on for the past few years and have been pretty focused for the past year in particular, I plan on joining a masters team out here in couple weeks once I get settled. I think that swimming is an ideal sport for midlife and is particularly helpful for joint and mental health.


My wife and I have been going to see live music and theater on a regular basis for the past couple years, especially symphonic music which is not something I had an appreciation for as a young adult but really enjoy now.


On the work level I am trying to push, being middle life is also middle career and I have goals professionally that I would like to achieve and a retirement fund to build, I am now trying to take a self directed approach to learning, which is challenging but for where I am coming from is the only route I can see at this time. 


Still sober, which makes everything easier, or at very least more tranquil.


Looking forward to what other folks have to say on this, I am thinking that everything looks pretty groovy, I do not miss my twenties and I am looking forward to my forties.

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Just turned 34.


Music: Cloudkicker, Scale the Summit, most anything off Candy Rat, Caspian, any of the post- whatever genre stuff with zero or minimal vocals. and a healthy dose of Dwight Yoakam


Books: All over the place, still prefer American fiction over most. Currently reading "If I Die in a Combat Zone" by Tim O'Brien. I wish I'd read this when I first enlisted, a lot of the moral gray areas I accepted about war and my own values of right/wrong.


Dogs: 7 year old vizsla, 4 year old wirehaired pointing griffon


Hobbies: Lego (seriously...) large scale builds of castles and whatnot. Vintage Spray Paint is my primary obsession. 


Other: I've been on a ribs kick lately, trying different rubs and marinades and cook temps and times and whatnot. When in the south...

            MCM furniture hunting

            Gardening, not as much as I should


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45, pretty close to 46.


First started painting  in 83, first came onto the OZ in 06 as a lurker, posted in o7 and had about eleventy hundred usernames since then.


Married since 2011, wife is 12 years younger than me (win). Should have kids by now but we lost our little girl at the start of the year. Still working out how to deal with that but I know that was what finally made me grow up. Career is about standard, not setting the world on fire (yet) but doing lots of interesting stuff with lots of interesting people. Will probably do a PhD soon on geopolitical futures.


Books, heaps of history and historical novels. Right now reading about the Congress of Vienna, enjoy reading Charles Dickens for the era he writes in and the way he writes. Don't do much TV, basically never watch movies unless they are about the Cold War or something similar. 


Music, rock, punk, metal, 80s hip hop, 90s hard techno and classical when I just want the whole world to fuck off away from me.


Ride mountain bikes like its a heroine hit but find myself always battling to get fitness back after injuries, travel with work or some kind of life obstacle.


Brew my own beer from grain, still trying to get good at it but have bought a place that has a full workshop and brewery space. Think I might do an oatmeal stout this weekend. My favourite satruday night is no longer bombing the hell out of some joint, tripping out to sick tunes at a warehouse party or clubbing until Sunday arvo. It's setting a fire in the backyard, pouring a bunch of beers and reading about history.


I used to drive like a maniac but now people driving fast piss me off. I try and reason with myself that it was me only 10 years back doing the same thing but I can't stop myself, it's like a reflexive action as soon as you turn 40, hoons piss you off. It makes me feel very uncomfortable that this has happened to me.


I still paint but only legally.



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Turning 40 this year ( seeing it typed out is depressing). Don’t really do a lot of anything. Still raping Mother Earth for her resources. My off time is spent with my son. He plays baseball pretty much everyday and when he’s not doing that I’m spending money on his shoe collection.  I wear slides about 95% of the time and some days don’t really care what I wear outside.   My only real passion other than my son is Lowriders, which is a headache at times. 



I haven’t painted in almost 10 years.  I still hit the yard once in a while to catch some streaks.   I can’t even recall the last time I went benching. Still love trains, but have gotten real lazy in my days.  


As far as music, it’s the the same shit I’ve listened to since my teenage years.  I remember I used to clown on my older sister when I was in high school because she still listened to 80s music. Now I can relate. All this new rap is garbage, my son loves it though.  


Getting old sucks. 

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Wow, this is turning out to be a really great thread (Props @Tesseract)


Crazy how much I didn't know about you guys. Especially you @Hua Guofang... I feel like we chat pretty regularly and had no idea about a lot of that. Would be interested to hear more, if you don't mind sharing. Sorry to hear about your daughter, again, had no idea... Wondering if you're okay to talk about that?


I was also curious about your career / profession... The mention of a PhD in political futures has me curious and assume you already have a masters in something similar?


Also, would love to hear more about the brewing... In fact, wondering if it deserves a thread or maybe even a group? I was very much considering getting into brewing mead despite not having ever even really tasted. Was told it's a richer version of beer, that was more forgiving in terms of brewing and had more flexibility as far as recipes. Also sounded more like some viking, lord of the rings shit, which I thought was cool.


Anyhow, I have a wheat beer kit my family gave me a bit ago that I'm meaning to mess with, but also was at a Western Building Center store here and they had a full aisle dedicated to brewing beer. Was planning to get back around to it once I get some of these responsibilities off my plate. Wondering if you'd mind kicking off a discussion on that?

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Sold my house. 

Sold/closed my businesses.

Moved to LA.

Still rescuing dogs.

20 years of being vegetarian.

Still riding my fixed gear I’ve had for 13 years now.

Started and lead an all female cycling group #Hooligals

Still traveling.

Still collecting tattoos.

Trying to get a job rescuing dogs.

Still reading books the old school way.

Still playing pinball. Won a trophy for placing 2nd in Los Angeles Pinbal League League tournament. 

Suffered a minor heart attack 2 months ago.

Quit smoking cigarettes. 

Living a simple drama free stress free content life.








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I have a desk job which was my original goal now it sucks . Need to make a move but don't know where and have no money. 26 this year and only have 30 hours left to get my degree but I dropped out while working at a bong shop. Got the desk job and am trying to be a jack of all trades but with a girlfriend w a struggling art career and health issues. Not middle aged but closer to death. 


Positive notes , bike riding is fun and making beats is a good outlet as well. Less of an alcoholic. Have a good grouochat with some members from here that keeps me grounded. 

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I'm 40. I wish I had my life sorted to any extent, it just sucks. This thread makes me feel terrible. I'm still struggling hard with work, mental health, paying my rent and bills. Honestly quite hard being positive about the future. 


But props to all you guys man, inspiring, just wish I had any idea whatsoever about what direction to take. 

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49 this month. Racing bikes for fun - mostly Cyclocross and MTB - have already stacked up some top 5 and top ten results this year for MTB. Spend too much time training and racing, honestly. Rarely, if ever, paint anymore... including canvases. Wife of 20 years are about to celebrate 21. We recently bought a home and have been renovating it - which has been fun and stressful at the same time. Working as an Environmental Designer designing retail spaces and retail activations for brands like Nike, Jordan, Adidas, and Arcteryx, among others. Most notable store I've designed is the Jordan store in Toronto. Drink more hard cider than I should. Consider myself an expert at tagging dry erase boards. 


Nice to see so many familiar names digging back in...

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4 hours ago, Decyferon said:

I'm 40. I wish I had my life sorted to any extent, it just sucks. This thread makes me feel terrible. I'm still struggling hard with work, mental health, paying my rent and bills. Honestly quite hard being positive about the future. 


But props to all you guys man, inspiring, just wish I had any idea whatsoever about what direction to take. 

Man, I know it sucks even hearing this, but every one of us has been in the suck. I've had a lot of really hard fucking time, even recently. Honestly, been at a point where I questioned if its even worth trying anymore, more times than I'll admit. Wife and especially my kids have kept me from giving up, mostly because I owe it to them not to.


Just focus on the next milestone and try not to look at the entire picture until you have the stability and strength to look that far ahead. One step at a time, one day at a time, keep trying your best to move forward and understand that occasionally you get stuck in place or even get forced back a few steps. Took a while for me to really understand it, but have learned that its more about the journey than the destination and that there's always an upside. At least until you've been diagnosed with some terminal shit and even then, at least you know you'll get a chance to finally rest and stop stressing.

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Ok sooki, I'm posting!


Pretty sure this wasn't my username. I think it was crackteeth.


So. I quit my job, started my own businesses and moved 2500 miles away from home. Became a grower. Built a farm. Built another farm. Now I do stuff and things/consult for large commercial grows and have been speculating the idea of expanding across the country. I used to post on here in my underwear in an overcrowded apartment and now i'm in my own house on my computer phoje . I have no idea how I went from catching felonies from graffiti to this but hey. Who fucking knows. Why trivialize it.


(Now) I like rally cars, building drones although I've been too busy to do it lately, my stupid dog, and guitars. 


I am a grown man that still skateboards regularly. 

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On 7/6/2018 at 8:34 PM, Bojangles said:

Holy shit...Just realized that I've been married and divorced since the last time I've really been on here. Hahahahaha!


Thankfully, still a full head of hair, painting abstracts and flying drones these days.



What drones  are you flying? We use them a lot on shoots we do at work. A couple of months ago I reached up to grab one the pilot was worried they wouldn’t be able to land it over water, they neglected to tell me that it’s got to come in level so I reached out with one arm and pulled it from the air. It tried to autobalance back out and i got gnawed up a bit. 


Ive thought about picking up a dji but worried it’s a bit much to pay for something that I’m not gonna use to make $$$

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