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Just do the harder difficulty later, after you finish the game on normal.


I beat it on Spartan, and now I'm doing it on God Mode. Theseus ain't too bad. It's easy to avoid his big energy balls from the ground thing, and when the minotaurs come out, just handle them with the rage of chronos. Anyway, it's worth it when you finally beat him - you'll see ;).


But for real, check that link I posted off gametrailers after you've beat the game. It's full of spoilers.

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But what I don't understand is how they're calling the Gorgon boss in GoWII "Medusa". I thought Medusa died in GoWI and that this was her ugly, fat sister.


it's not medusa...

it's her sister that goes by a different name...


the name..?.. i dont know by hard...

but the level in which she is found is named after her...

lahkesis maybe...?..


also, medusa is immortal..

she cant die and will probably make an appearance in part 3.

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I plan on buying an Xbox 360, probably at the end of May. I know there's a new 360 Ultra Awesome Cool edition coming out soon - but what's the difference with the versions already for sale (other than coming in black)? Is the anticipated price difference (which is what?) worth whatever the improvements are?



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The new black one is going to include a 120GB, and they're actually abondoning the old white one soon, or at least the 20GB HD will be abandoned. Also, they're going to include a higher quality audio output option, I'm don't recall what the connection is called at the moment but I'm sure that someone will chime in with the name of it.

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Haha... man, I imagine that it wouldn't be too hard to fill up the 20GB... I am nowhere close but I don't really download too much content, just a few arcade games here and there and maybe updates for the games I already have but that's it. They actually offer HD content (tv shows, movies, etc) to download and I'm sure you could fill up your HD quick with all that stuff. I believe my little brother is going to be selling his old white one soon when the black one comes out. I don't know if you'd be interested. Oh, check your PM's too.

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It's boring and tedious. Not a fun job at all. And the pay is shit.


if your trying to become a videogame designer, this is probably one of the best ways to go. Alot of the popular designers such as the guy that made god of war i believe was a video game tester for a while. He then got a chance to mix with a good crowd of people and now look at him. Yes it is a tedious job, but shit free passage to E3 is my type of party.

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