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Just seen this and thought you guys would enjoy it.. so apparently this guy made this trick shot called the "rendenzook" on battlefield 4 or 5 I believe where he flew straight up while being chased, ejected, shot the following plane with a rocket launcher and landed back into his jet.. looks like the developers loved it so much they put it in the trailer..




Didn't know that it was a trick shot but that's pretty fucking awesome honestly..

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6 minutes ago, ndv said:

Is it gonna be a throwback and have Pablo Escobar in it?


Impossible to know at this point. I’d bet it’s a Sicario ripoff though. I’m 100% ok with that 


Would be cool if it was Escobar era but they just did the 80s timeline last year with Cold War so I kinda doubt they’ll do that again so soon 


A ton of upcoming games just got leaked with that Nvidia database breach 



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10 minutes ago, where said:

Never was much of a melee person until recently, that shits so fun to demoralize fools


Jump on the Vanguard beta man. The graphics look shit on a PS4 but it’s still kinda fun. They just extended it until Wednesday 

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43 minutes ago, where said:

@KultsYea glad I didnt get on that beta lol I've had to keep it under an hour a day for productivity reasons and thats still a lot, its not quarantine anymore lol. That baseball bat pissed people off


it was pretty fun but I might stick to cold war another year as my main. Really like this year’s. I don’t even think I have the bbat unlocked yet. I just finished up that Numbers event and unlocked the sai though. 


You went in this season 150+ damn

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On 9/28/2021 at 1:24 AM, where said:

Yea I’ve had fun with this season, still lovin cracking skulls with the baseball bat.


probably gonna keep playing this one and get battlefield but if I play more than like 45 minutes I fall behind on life lol


yeah i’ve chilled out on it too. don’t have the time for the long sessions 


def need to get that new BF 

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On 9/23/2021 at 5:36 AM, STYLEISKING said:


anyone played Bloodhunt? i did a some of the graffiti back drop in the game..


Props on doing some stuff for the game.. looks like it could be pretty dope tho.. warewolves and vampire shoot em up/eat em up I dig it.. now to just get my hands on a PS5..

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