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Luigi's Mansion 3 on Switch came out at midnight last night.  I'm going to probably spend most of the weekend playing that and neglecting any of the other fun stuff I would normally want to do.  Also

Who is up for a game of Mario Kart 64 and challenge my title?   Oh wait!! You live in the present! I have a 64 still and youuuuuuuuu don't!            

Moved one of my gaming PCs over to this dancase this morning. This is my intel build. My other gaming pc is in a silver dancase and it's an amd build. Giving the bigger case my intel computer was in t

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Didnt like Guitar Hero: Metallica too much, waiting for Final Fantasy XIII. its gunna be a while :(


I thought GH Metallica was pretty sick. Turn out the lights, crank the bass and piss off the neighbors. apartment life sucks

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Less than two days after the first gameplay footage of Modern Warfare 2 aired, the first hard details about the Activision game have emerged. Game Informer has teased its June issue, which will focus on the sequel to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the critically lauded first-person shooter that has now sold more than 13 million units worldwide


According to advance copies of the GameStop-owned magazine, Modern Warfare 2 will be set several years after its predecessor. Once again, political instability inside a fictional near-future Russia threatens the world--this time, in the form of a terrorist organization hinted at by a March teaser trailer. One of COD4's two heroes, Sergeant "Soap" MacTavish, has been promoted to captain in the Special Air Services (SAS), Britain's equivalent of the US Navy SEALs.


Now part of a new commando unit, MacTavish will guide players through a series of grueling missions, including an ice-climbing infiltration of a frozen Russian army base. In terms of gameplay, Modern Warfare 2 will address the issue of infinitely spawning enemies, a major criticism of the original game. However, those looking for a single-player campaign longer than the original's 6-10 hours are out of luck. "Stretching out the story seems like the wrong way to go," Infinity Ward CCO and president Jason West told Game Informer.


The game boasts a new "Special Forces" mode that is similar to the Mile High Club, the airplane-hijack level which appears after the end credits of the original game. However, the cooperative campaign that many had hoped would be in Modern Warfare 2 is MIA. "We did a whole lot of co-op stuff early on that we were interested in, and it didn?t work with the story at all," West said. For more details about Modern Warfare 2 and new screenshots of the game, pick up the June issue of Game Informer

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Super Mario World in Super Nintendo.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City in whatever.

GTA San Andreas in whatever.

Donkey Kong Country 2 in Super Nintendo.

Need For Speed Most Wanted in whatever.

Medal of Honor Allied Assault on PC

River City Ransom in Nintendo (MUST download this one)

Jet Set Radio. (Roller skating graffiti game) (Fucking entertaining)

The one on Xbox is boring because you paint a piece with a button.

In Dreamcast you have to make like combos. It was AWESOME.

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have you guys got


full game is free from the psStore and its a pretty fun game. i enjoy it.








i got the demo, but i want the full game.

downloadble from psStore.

the peak of fighting games in my opinion.

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downloading a shit load of n64 games for my wii right now.

007 was my favorite from back in the day/



also just got madden 2009 for wii. it seems to be ok. not as flashy as

the other consoles, but good.


Unfortunately GoldenEye injects have yet to be made to be able to save. :(

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whats best for single player replay-ability (my online is fucked)



killzone 2


gta 4




i want a game that has killing, that I can play over and over again and not get tired of. Like a massive open world vibe to it


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