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Luigi's Mansion 3 on Switch came out at midnight last night.  I'm going to probably spend most of the weekend playing that and neglecting any of the other fun stuff I would normally want to do.  Also

Wait for the first price drop. Pro gamer move. More available games and better software.

Anyone with a ps4 can play it for free this weekend!   @KILZ FILLZ @where @cruzxctrl @ndv @+plus+ @aimer @Dirty_habiT

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^^I thought T4M has already posted it, but its actually a different one than i saw.


Zelda the Movie? I was like no WAY!!! However, its a corny movie from the looks of it....




Some big movie company should do the movie thought with bad ass graphics.



Watch THIS one!




I'd watch it..

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Stephen King rejects the Massachusetts bill according to which videogames that depict violence should not be sold to under-18 buyers.link


Stephen King rejects the Massachusetts bill according to which videogames that depict violence should not be sold to under-18 buyers. In an Entertainment Weekly article, King said that despite not being a big fan of videogames, the bill is rather absurd, as it restricts the right to a 17-year-old to buy or rent Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, but it allows him to see Hostel: Part II.


The bill tries to insert the “Harmful to Minors” definition as an obscene matter, which describes or portrays nudity or sexual conduct, as well as violence, and lacks serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value to minors.


Kings believes otherwise: “The vid-critics claim they exist for one reason and one reason only, so kids can experience the vicarious thrill of killing. Now what does and doesn’t have social merit is always an interesting question […] But what makes me crazy is when politicians take it upon themselves to play surrogate parents. The results of that are usually disastrous.”


And yes, Kings agreed with one of the bill’s creators who said that young minds shouldn’t be under a constant barrage of violence and think it is alright, but at the same time, it’s not the games that alter their mind, as games are mere reflections of what goes around them in reality.


The videogames have a rating system which should be respected accordingly, and at the same time, “if there’s violence to be had, the kids are gonna find a way to get it, just as they’ll find a way to get all-day shooters like No Country for Old Men from cable if they want. Or Girls Gone Wild, for that matter.”


King concluded: “What really makes me insane is how eager politicians are to use the pop culture – not just videogames, but TV, movies, even Harry Potter – as a whipping boy. It’s easy for them, even sort of fun, because the pop-cult always hollers nice and loud. Also, it allows legislators to ignore the elephants in the living room," (referring to what America should and should not have, or the everlasting problem of guns).

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so i played maybe an hour of lost oyssey and i can't dig if its like that i'm not gizzard with that shit.


does it get crazy better?

is it that hit for hit mode shit all day?

take it back if i ain't down with that kind spunk?


decide in the hour cause i got a curfew from paul wall

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it gets a LOT better once you get a couple more people in your party and you have more spells and abilities to use.


but at its heart it is still a traditional, turn-based battle style RPG. so if you dont like exploring for hours, talking to every villager, learning about everything, and fighting endlessly, then you wont like it.




anyone else been playing RAINBOW SIX VEGAS 2?????


i found a cool flickr with some badass custom faces... http://www.flickr.com/photos/25250309@N02/sets/72157604369332802/


i use the skull one, it looks fuckin awesome in game

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And quit calling me youngin.


Everybody knows you can't be older than 18-19. (Reference: the infamous 14 year old goth girl/aids fest thread).


Its funny that you tell me to get off your nuts when your on almost everybodys nuts who has more than 3000 posts.


Nice try though "kid".

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How the hell is there a RB62










I didn't beat the 1st one (I traded it for GRAW2), does the story really make sense that the terrorists take over Vegas two times?


Just seems lazy haha.


Yea. It is lazy. And its still a glitchy ass game. And it still kicks ass.

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