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i have no idea but im waiting for Rainbow six vegas 2 and MGS 4 also i just got army of two and it overall sucked awesome concept tho great geaphics fun but just way too limited/short for 60$ (PS3) so i turned it in for 20 credits and put it towards call of duty 4 modern warfare wich was awesome and i am still playing

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AYOOOO...... ya'll want to see how COD 4 is played/??? go check out my montage (highlight reel)

here's me running around with a .50cal barret, Thats not my weapon of choice tho, I use the M16 with a red dot, stopping power, deep impact and 3 nades....


That one is mine...

here's the one I edited for my brother TUMORS.




If ya'll need classes hit me up on xbl OPTIC H3CZ OR OPTIC MONTAG3 those are my two names.. say you're from the 12oz otherwise I wont accept it.

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There is a game called Commando coming out?

Please tell me it is based on the movie.


There was a game put out by Capcom in the mid 80's called Commando that I loved back then, but when I played it 18 or 19 years later on the Capcom Classics PS2 disc, it sucked balls and I kept dying.





I finally 100%'d Ratchet and Clank: Future, and it was totally worth the hours upon hours of endless platform shooting. The game rules. I just wish my PS3 had that fucking "Emotion Chip" so I could play the PS2 games. GOD DAMN YOU SONY!

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Condemned 1 was scary as shit.


Def gonna play 2.


didnt play condemned 1....




but the 2 games i rep hard are that, and burnout paradise



if you are an avid urban explorer like me, you will recognize how accurate the elvels are




it fucks with you like no other

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