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12ozProphet Roll Call - Who’s still missing but wish they weren’t?


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  • 3 weeks later...
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1 hour ago, Hua Guofang said:

Theo pops in a bit here and there. I’d like to hear from mar as well. 

Is he under his old username?


Last I remember about Mar was that he was signed up to serve his 2 years or whatever
in IDF.  Hopefully he's alive and well and married to some hot IDF tank girl.

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  • 2 weeks later...

There were a shit ton of people benching and then contributing to other threads as well.  Know a bunch are on social media but I don't do that so would be nice to see some back here with some pics and things.  Few names.....

@unionbencher  @cheesecurd  @redwingjuice  @Hermdog  @nicklesndimes  @NoDakFreights  @FR8HOUND  @injury  @BloodyWishes  @aLBERThOFFMAN  @lepthebeard  @Zed_Eastwood


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First login in years. I've stopped by a few times here and there , tried logging in and had forgot my password or page was under construction.

Today after 3 attempts, My screen name and password still work! 


Anyway , was definitely not a heavy poster but hey, I'm back for a bit at least.


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  • 3 months later...

So after posting in the 12ozProphet History thread, as well as seeing a couple more OG user names starting to post regularly, thought I'd bump this thread with the hopes that you guys will help me review where we're at and to help coordinate a new push to reach out to some key members that are still missing or perhaps never found their rhythm and haven't been passing through regularly. 


It is really freakin cool to see a fair sized group of OG's that have been on pretty regularly since the relaunch, as well as a few more OG's that have resurfaced and seem to be enjoying posting again. Likewise, there's still a steady stream of people registering that seem to be lurking (according to stats), so maybe we can give this another push and see if we can add to the regulars on here. Instagram sucks and is only getting worse and maybe there's a half way decent opportunity to convince people that its worth moving the discussion back to 12oz.


Regardless, please skim this thread and drop a note if you see anyone missing that hasn't been mentioned and especially if you're in touch with any OG's and can maybe reach out and have them swing through. Really on all of us and sincerely believe we're making and pretty good progress and that if we can turn the 8 - 15 people I see on here most the day, every day into 35 - 50... We'll see a tipping point that'll take on a life of its own. Need your help guys...


Oh yeah and for the people just coming in for the first time in ages... I'm still happy to send out free stickers.

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13 hours ago, pissdrunkwhat?! said:

Suuuup bitches. Where them NightOwls at hooooty. yooo wheres my TicTacs at??

Welcome back dude! Glad to see you around... LOL, we gave up tictacs for "reactions", which is in the bottom right and leads to inclusion to the Hall of Fame.


NightOwls group is over here, but someone has yet to step up and lead the charge. Perhaps you can rally the crew?

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