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12ozProphet Roll Call - Who’s still missing but wish they weren’t?

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This forum is brought to you by the 12oz Shop.
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@misteraven- if you do go with some kind of artist giveaway - the answer is yes, I'll definitely donate some time to that. You don't even need to ask. 

'Sup nerds!

First login in years. I've stopped by a few times here and there , tried logging in and had forgot my password or page was under construction. Today after 3 attempts, My screen name and password

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8 minutes ago, Fist 666 said:

Why does earmuffs show up with the letter B?

He had me change his name. With the performance optimization’s, the profile image is dynamically generated once when the account was created. Then uses that image until the user changes it. 


Hoping people update their profile and cover images cause it looks way cooler. Also the profile pages are pretty robust so there’s a lot of options you can tweak there as well, including enabling analytics to follow who’s looking at your profile. 

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Have to spread the word man. I can say I’ve been recovering a shit ton of accounts the last couple weeks and DMing people like crazy off Instagram, but can definitely use some help from the community on here to reach out to people and help spread the word. 

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On 7/22/2018 at 5:43 AM, Internerd said:

Remember that time @-Rage-made a coming out thread and no one cared? 

Also, kinda miss @Kr430n5_666

When I was in college we had a gallery and there was photogs that came down from all over the country. At the time I was working for the photo department and I had to help pack up some of the photos.


My boss was packing a photo of two big dudes (bears) laying in bed with each other and I remember saying man this looks familiar. My boss turned and looked at me and said WTF? I dont want to know


It turned out it was a photo from a series that @-Rage-took and posted here in the photo thread. I explained to my boss and the whole deal about 12oz and this dude's awesome photos and he was like he was here this Saturday for the gallery. I was pretty pissed I heard about it after the fact.


That dude was fuckin cool

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Not sure if this comment belongs here or in the social media weigh in thread...


Been thinking a lot about this and talking to some people... There's been a handful of comments, none bad, about how slow the forum is. As I've mentioned in other places, being honest... I'm amazed this place never died completely during the "dark era" where I basically ignored the forum entirely for a year or more at a time. Really its testament to the few moderators that stuck around, as well as a handful of die hard members that also chose to stick it out.


This being said, after really analyzing the situation, Instagram really isn't much better from my experience. On my personal account I have a little under 2000 followers. On the @12ozprophet account, there's almost 55,000. Back in the early days of IG, I used to regularly see posts garner 2000+ likes, sometimes more and there weren't nearly as many people following. Now it's exceedingly rare to see it hit 1000 likes and I've seen many hardly hit 100. 100 likes out of 55,000 followers! I follow a quite a few people on there, something like 400 or so and yeah, there's a fairly steady stream of content, but most my feed are the same dozen or so high profile commercial accounts that each post a dozen or two dozen times a day and no doubt pay a ton to both prioritize posts and fully optimize their strategy. Most the time, their posts are pseudo ads tying back to posts that in turn are likely paid for or at the least, product from companies that they work with regularly.


I know I'm already on a negative tip regarding my opinions on social media, but what I'm getting at is, yeah... sometimes the forum feels like its moving a little slow, especially compared to what we all remember. But likewise, Instagram doesn't feel like it has all that much activity to me either. At best, you get see a flurry of likes right after a post, but as we all know, comments are pretty rare and actual discussion is all but nonexistent. Because its so easy to like and drop an emoji or use it in general, combined with their algorithm that *curates* your feed for you and obviously shuffles posts every time you load to make it feel like there's all this new exciting stuff (never mind that its not unusual to see a post for the first time that's 3 days old), you get the perception that there's all types of activity happening on Instagram.


Anyhow, reality is that we're something like 5000% up from where traffic was at only a couple months ago when I started posting regularly on the last forum. Last week, we managed to break back to back traffic records nearly every day. Since launching the new forum, stats have been zero'd out and are accurate. On the old board, it wasn't unusual for me to find myself as the only logged in user. I'd get excited to see when there was 3 or more of us logged in at a time (with mods often being at least 1 if not both of the other 2 members). Now I'm seeing 10 or more on average and seeing it spike as high as 25 logged in members at peak times. For the last 18 months, the record for all users at one time stood at 147 people. Last week, we set a new record at 389 people! I've helped recover at least a few hundred old accounts in the last few weeks and have seen a surge in new registrations. 


For whatever reason, many still aren't posting often despite how easy it is to do so on the new forum (especially on mobile), but new posts / threads have certainly grown exponentially each week since relaunching the forum and actively promoting the forum. The more popular sections like here in Channel Zero have the entire front page with posts that are under 24 hours old.


The original Writers Forum literally took many years to get to the level we all remember. We've managed to bring things back to life in about two months. Again, being amazed at the fact there was anything left to bring back to life after all that neglect, technical issues, drama, etc... I'm equally amazed at how far we've come in the last two months. With the rate of growth we're seeing, I can only imagine where this will all be a year from now.


Obviously we have a ways to go before posts on here seem to be near real time as they were back at its peak. When I started mapping out a come back plan and working on this new forum, my theories about social media fatigue and frustration and the need for real, meaningful online discussions and true community were simply speculation. I can say with confidence that we now have solid, tangible evidence that this is all real and more importantly, that we can turn things around with the forum and rebuild a significant community and reclaim ownership of our small corner of the internet, as well as the relationships, discussions and interactions we all share.


Just thought I'd put this out there as its been on my mind a lot lately. I'm doing all I can to fix issues as they pop up, visualize new features and improvements, as well as reach out to as many old members as I can while also promoting to all the young kids that are more recently turned on to 12ozProphet. As you know I'm also starting to find a little rhythm and momentum with 12ozProphet as a brand, putting out the type of stuff I'd be excited to see myself and working to once again set the bar for cool stuff. 


I'm constantly reminding myself to stay patient, to look at the evidence and successes around me and to not get overwhelmed, frustrated or discouraged that I'm largely starting over again from the beginning and often pitted against either commercial titans like Facebook / Instagram or bullshit brands (and even some I was a fan of) that can barely be credited with going through the motions with their recycled and diluted concepts and bullshit product.


Sorry for the monologue, but this is as much about me reminding myself of all this as it is me reminding you guys. We have something special with what we've collectively created with this forum. It's 100% on all of us to build it back up and beyond the successes of the past. I welcome any input, feedback or suggestions on what else we can be doing and also encourage you guys to leverage your own social media accounts and relevant relationships to spread the word to old members and new potential members.


It's absolutely going to happen one way or another, but no doubt we can help push it along a little faster.


Appreciate all the support you guys have provided over the many years.



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46 minutes ago, Tag1 2: Electric Boogaloo said:

GnomeToys reporting in, but no idea what the password was 10+ years ago. 


Did anyone save the Tease gifs?  I lost a bunch of files at some point and those are now MIA.  ?

PM me if you want help recovering your old account.

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