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12ozProphet Roll Call - Who’s still missing but wish they weren’t?


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8 minutes ago, Fist 666 said:

I like @Dirty_habiTs contest idea. I can donate some vintage cans accordingly. 


I don't think email campaigns work, but I could be wrong. I already get 30 plus emails a day that I just delete without reading, I don't know how anyone would get me to read them without "noodz" in the subject line.

I don't disagree. I'm largely the same way and we just recently dismissed the idea of running a trickle campaign for https://12ozcollective.com for that reason. Our stats on email campaigns for the shop is about 30 - 40% opens, sometimes as high as 60%. Not terrible and tons better than the under 1% 'likes' we get on Instagram. For the record, I do plan to redevelop the main 12oz site as soon as I can. It wont have a full news section, but will have a content section to allow for the occasional article and planning to put up some old highlights like collabs and stuff we've done (sort of a portfolio area), as well as new photosets and look book sets for the brand. I've also been exploring bringing a sort of variation on the blogs by maybe doing a weekly newsletter that is sort of a 'best of' for that week, both in regards to 12oz and what caught my eye. I'm signed up to a few email newsletters like The Hustle, which I think is an old format, but seems more relevant and effective to me these days than a lot of bullshit like social. Have a feeling, targeted tailored content like that will make a come back.


Anyhow, might be worth trying but yeah, unsolicited emails do kinda suck.

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15 minutes ago, NightmareOnElmStreet said:

Not a terrible idea. I definitely notice more activity on the gram from you raven. Continue being active and explore your shit about promoting other nooks and cranny’s this place has to offer. People do love those giveaways I tell ya. I’ve reached out to all the people I knew off here but to gain new ones some form of incentive to sign up and actually participate would probably work. 

Yeah, hopefully I can get continued help with content and find time to keep that up. Wouldn't think contests would work so well, but I can try. Seems like there';s so many on IG that people never really win, that now they dont bother trying. Makes it tough to give stuff away if it's not a large volume of people participating, but will consider the options a bit and see what we can do.

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Been wondering what happened to the pix you requested people post up for you to use on IG?  I'm not on IG but did go there to look, didn't see anything under #12ozprophet or whatever (edit- found one).  I did see @micahhawaiiposting on IG and shouting out 12oz, and also noticed some new/old heads around here at the same time, so some credit due his way for that I believe.  Going to suggest again to step up your hashtags, #12oz #graff is probably not enough.  Even if you do a few here & there randomly, #benching #NYCgraffiti #moniker #fr8graffiti #Canadagraf is going to reach a wider amount of people.   Related aside I've always enjoyed those random pop ins from people in Asia, S America, and such, sometimes they don't speak English but still cool to see them here so again, #venezualagraf or whatever hashtag they use.  


Have to fix up the house in here, you want people to stay once they get here.  That spotlights page was last spotlighted in June so it's going to appear dead to any social media zombie used to updates by the second, probably needs to be updated monthly.  Also suggest you coordinate some w/ your current users to have people posting the night before or day of anyting you do on social media so that when old/new heads arrive they see current activity on the boards.  


Feel people have always responded to contests and such.  Can't decide right now but I'm leaning toward the thought that a signed item is probably too much/too big/too valuable to give away without making someone work a bit for it.  This is from the perspective that you're trying to persuade people to do something (visit site and stay a while).  There's an exchange rate for stuff like that and would suggest considering a moderate item, like some of your bigger smalls if you can part with them, and do that weekly or bi-weekly.  Can explain further if needed.   Or think of any contest you entered where you had to sign up or register for a chance to win.  You did, for the chance of getting that prize you wanted.  But you likely also never looked back at that webpage or whatever again because you were only there to sign up for the desired item.

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@One Man Bannedtook me a little white to get some posts up, but did post some of your stuff as well. Was sort of busy, but also trying to avoid what ended up happened. Put up two posts and basically ran out of material. Ideally, I'm hoping that there's a diversity of content so I'm not just reposting the same person over and over again. I definitely want to get some of your freights posted, though the square aspect ratio sucks for that type of shot, but again... Hoping to keep a consistency with it.


----back on topic-----


Someone was just asking about DAO and seen a few other names dropped that I dont think I've seen logged in. I have been steadily recovering accounts... In fact, every time I put up one of those forum type posts on Instagram, I usually get at least a few requests, but is anyone in touch with someone that isn't back on or back on regularly? More people we can reach out to and get back, the more fun and fulfilling it all becomes.



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On 10/19/2019 at 7:58 AM, misteraven said:

Just stumbled on these guys in an old thread... Anyone in touch? Neither has been around for a while. 


@Crocodile Tears

Croc tears is well. Visited him like a year ago(?)



last I heard about Shai was when I was still using Facebook a few years ago. His dad posted using Shais Facebook acct asking anyone that’s heard from his son to contact him. Hopefully he’s on a commune somewhere keepin on

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Was just mentioning to @Kultsthat I saw some old names pop up recently... Obviously most of you guys saw the thread from @-Rage-and then saw in his same thread @Dr Dazzlepop up. Saw a few more as well.


Anyhow, going to ask again if any of you are in touch with OG's on Instagram, please reach out and try and get them to pop through. I think everyone is seeing the Instagram fatigue. We've seen time and time again how much fun exploring topics and sharing on here can be, especially in comparison to social media platforms. But now that they're very much on the decline, seems like a good time to start getting back in front of people and letting them know that the forum is alive and getting better by the day.



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