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12ozProphet Roll Call - Who’s still missing but wish they weren’t?

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So in the spirit of the Weigh In thread and how many of us are feeling social media like Facebook and Instagram cheapened relationships and all but killed conversation (you should really read it if you haven’t already)... and inspired by a comment from @Hua Guofang , I was thinking we’ve got enough OGs back on here to put our heads together and start sorting out who’s still missing. Maybe between all of us we can start tracking people down before they’re some are gone forever. As mentioned all over the place already, all accounts going back to 1999 are in the database and can be recovered. Just got to hit me up or email info@12ozprophet.com or DM @12ozprophet.com on Instagram (haven’t closed that yet)


So with all that said, who’s still missing?

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The quiet drop in from myself. Moved house again, got married, have a two week old baby, am now a social worker? Didn't see that coming. Top interests are my retro JDM car pursuits, reforestation

@misteraven- if you do go with some kind of artist giveaway - the answer is yes, I'll definitely donate some time to that. You don't even need to ask. 

Found it...     https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCpc4pafW2x2vF5KOnPeQfKA

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Okay, just noticed the last person to reply to another thread I just posted in was @boogie hands


Dude was last on here March of this year so hasn't been gone for ages. Hoping the recent activity means that this will be an easy one. Hopefully calling out the screen name sends some type of notification (assuming the email on file is correct), but anyone in touch with him that can reach out and let him know what's been happening these last few weeks?

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I've reached out to @SukiSukiNow but will do so again. Not in touch with any others that I know of but will see if I can hunt them down on the gram.


@Pistol Just a heads up that if you precede the username with the @ symbol like I am, it notifies them (unless they've disabled notifications or have the wrong email setup on their account). It should even autofill the name once you get 3 or 4 characters in, but noticed in some of the names that havent logged in for many years its not doing that.

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@Pistol Was MarcofromHouston ODDIO photo? I follow on IG and can pass the word along, I've mixed up a lot of names over the years, so I may be way the fuck off


I met lili in Denver a few years ago, I think I have her number--will send a text and find out if its still legit


I'd love to see Shai, A Fire Inside (bring back top 5 threads), KOH, poesia, qysue and smxxl are both on IG, ladynapua, fr8raper, kabar (he was still active a few months back, not sure if something happened)


I'm forever hoping that someone who knows (knew?) @weapon_xxx will show up.




also, I'd like to see @teen_14.jpg post because that is the single greatest screen name to ever exist.

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