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simon sandleshit

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19 hours ago, simon sandleshit said:



something fishy bout that deuce7 throw up lol






Summer is finally in full swing here. Theres been some heavier freight traffic here this summer than in the past it seems. I need to get a damn scanner.

I have a uniden basic scanner but if it's not on me I use broadcastify app and a person on the app might have your lines frequencies streaming 

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Been a hectic summer. Got locked up, workin 2 full time jobs now; hasnt left me with much time or energy to bench and paint but im still getting some time in here and there. Bout to be homeless in a couple weeks here. Hoping I find some housing this week. If not, I'll have lots of time to bench and paint I guess, bout the only positive aspect of the situation I can find.






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Found an apartment! Had to flip my kidney and a few limbs on the black market to pay the security deposit but shit'll be worth it. Not many flicks today. Only thing thats rolled through while ive been at the bench has been coal and oil. My homie came through town and he collects old RR shit, hooked me up with some goodies, this old BN lock - not sure where they would use em on, engine doors and such? Super stoked on the MRL hat..


More real trainspray pictures to come soon. 






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