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@T4M* what's a decent ultra beginner vinyl turntable for mixing ?


Been looking at the Gemini TT-1100USB Belt Drive tables for low end entry , with a DVS mixer lower end or a breakout DVS box with time code vinyl down the line.


But for a mixer I want something simpler to learn the basics without all the bells and whistles



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That Gemini also transfers vinyl to PC, so you can play vinyls with a PC or not. There is a bundle you can get that's actually pretty cheap here.... ( two turntables and a mixer)




The mixer I am not familiar with, but the only bell that it has was a Bluetooth function.


This isn't a bad choice when going in cheap, plus you're not going to be scratching, so it should last for a long time.




As far as Turntables goes, hard to recommend a belt driven table, main use for those is just playback. All you really need is a belt driven table with good output audio quality.  DIRECT BELTS are the latest technology and all of them aren't cheap.


If you find two decks, a Numark M2 or Behringer Pro Mixer NOX101 are pretty solid for home use. The Numark you can replace the fader is it goes out. The Behringer has a more precise crossfader. Both of these share the same price range.




The idea here is to mix from vinyl to vinyl using simple techniques and equipment.  Everything recommended here has about 5 different ways you can blend music together or switch from song to song.  A lot of manuel work, but fun when you master it.





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@T4M* those are the ones I was looking at.


Had a friend that had a Gemini bundle way back , and I had a blast spinning ak1200 and photek records with some oddball techstep dnb records I can't remember.


The digital vinyl system DVS I'm looking at is a separate unit like this.




But I didn't realize they started making mixer units like this reloop oneimages?q=tbn:ANd9GcR00nQ_tZUzPX0iGFRHvDL


I'll probably aim for the Behringer mixer you mentioned since they finally stopped putting out janky shit a few years ago on the midi controller side of things.


I wanna invest in the gear slowly as my ability gets better as a home hobbyist , but at the same time I'm looking at time coded vinyl cause I'm not about to spend a fuckton of money on records spanning 40 years of hella hard to find tracks cause my electronic music tastes are eclectic as fuck.


I saw a random dj spin at the local rave night bar a minute ago and she had the rane 12 MK2 and it looks dope as fuck in person , but I never got a chance to ask her about anything.





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On 5/15/2022 at 7:08 PM, fat ralphy said:

The first time I had to buy an appliance I realized I was getting old - now I get excited about the shit. Still don’t like coming out with the dough though….but this will be nice in the Summer.



Speaking of buying appliances, don't buy Samsungs.  Case in point:



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