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this phone holder LED light kit thingie




was 25 bucks and while most people would use it to video blogging or influencer type shit I was hoping to use for my stop motion animation (see the Your art thread) to get rid of shadows and hold phone steady.


Trouble is the phone stalk is too short so i'll have to use it upside down from a cupboard in the kitchen or a window sill or something.


Fucking thing is USB powered so next step is to get a way long USB cord to power it.




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Back when I was in HS I worked at a lumber yard that specialized in exotic woods, I had this one manager that used to hand build guitars and restore old ones. After we'd close up the store we'd go to the shop and he would show me how to build some amazing guitars, I'm talking figured bubinga, clouded maple wood , and all kinds of other crazy stuff. He would talk about how every wood has a different density and you had to match it up properly with the right pickups to get the "sound right". when he was all finished up he would play Buddy Guy or AC/DC as a reference to his personal guitar to see if he had the sound and feel right. Cool guy, I heard he passed about 10yrs ago and his house was just stacked with guitars and records. Dude also gave me my first blues album and I've loved the music since

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9 hours ago, hatetown said:

Some shoes that help w/ ankle stability. Broke my leg almost 2 months back and finally got the ok to start with PT / walk with shoes on. Might post a thread on it w/ updates cuz shit's been rough and I need a place to post to vent.


you have my attention.  I am interested in the shoes with ankle support.  Keep us updated as I would like to know the out come months from now. 

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On 9/18/2021 at 1:41 AM, earmuffs said:

Work pants 


Lil Peep Sweatpants

Sure, I don't expect to have one pair for the rest of my life, but 3-5 years of average homeowner use seems acceptable. I wear them for a few hours some evenings, then maybe an entire day on the weekend when the weather is nice...not it's like I'm a service plumber crawling around in them for 10 hours every day, plus I'm in New England, where I don't wear them at all from November to March.

But I see your argument - perhaps my expectations are overly high. Thank you very much.

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