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@ndv- I've used them several times before in offices I've worked in so I was already familiar.  There's also a ton of knock offs out there, but I'd say this chair is worth it.  I was using an REI camping chair as my computer chair because it was the only thing low/good enough to be under the loft bed where I have my "office".


Comfort level 6 million IMO.  Will sit again.  This one is "custom" meaning I added all the features to it and chose the colors of it.  My gf got one that is identical except the cushion is a light navy color.  The white webbing stuff is some sort of rubbery stretchy plastic.  I've only had this chair since yesterday afternoon but it's a huge improvement for posture and back comfort.

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Pic of the layout until I get my dual monitor desk arms. Paid $60 for the monitor on the right (which is the last thing I bought). 24” 1080p 1ms 144hz.


I just mounted this monitor yest before I knew I would buy a second monitor lol.



cable management is the next step after the dual monitor mount



any Valorant players in here?


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6 hours ago, ndv said:


Some thing I need to do.


But speaking of.  This how I picture @lord_casek and @Dirty_habiT


Anyhow, do you guys realize how many threads I could have up to multi-oontz?  




Last thing I bought was a set of stress balls (soft, medium, and firm) for a friend's aunt who has Parkinson's, some Hershey's chocolates to put in my friend's little girl's gift box ($25 gift Visa b/c I don't know what 7 year old girls like), and some water cause wonksaggin bout that  hydration. 


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@bed framed- that's a nice looking setup.  I see that you have the "I do code" one monitor turned vertical setup.  I'd like to hear more about what you do in DM or another thread if you don't mind, so this one isn't dicked up with talk about things you didn't buy.


Today, I bought 4x of these:




I already have 1 and was so happy w/ it that I wanted to get more.

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That guy has inspired me so much because I like to think I have the same kind of attitude about getting things done and not letting anything get in the way.  He's mostly a 1 man show too, although I've been seeing his wife a lot in the more recent videos helping.  Either way, I don't care... they make a great team.

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