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i just bought the fam airfares to this place:




so we can go check out ( amongst other things)




good thing the flights were cheap as shit  because i had no idea how badly they have you by the balls for the accommodation at the rock.

yeesh even the budget stuff is 300 per night ( I'm not camping in the desert)



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2lbs moist brisket from Kreuz in Lockhart

2 dry jalapeno/cheese sausage links


Not my picture, but taken at the place I went to.  We go probably ~once a month.




Oh, also the first oil change for my 5.9L cummins..... $120 for 12qts (actually 15qts) of oil, a bottle of lucas diesel fuel treatment, an oil filter, and a fuel filter.  It is NOT cheap to change oil in a diesel truck.

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Copped the Atomos Ninja Inferno with the accessory kit, Sony NPF batteries, 1TB SSD, HDMI 2.0 cable and an articulating arm to mount it to my Panasonic GH5 rig.


Basically it's a 7in monitor (vs 3in GH5 screen) that would help me get my shots right with A LOT of focus/exposure assist tools. Also allows me record straight to a Solid State Drive instead of SD cards at a max output 4K 60p Apple Prores 422 10-bit.


Only got to play with it in my room for a bit last night but I am hype to put this thing to the test. Gonna try to grab some test shots of some skate shit this weekend if the weather permits.



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