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The Off Grid living thread (Dropping out the rat race)


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That is a butt load of honey. I try to buy most of my honey from the bee man at the farmers market. When I don't, it's like $20 a pint to get that raw organic shit from the grocery store. Bro you got like $250 worth of honey there.  Lol

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3 minutes ago, LUGR said:

Are y’all putting it on your oatmeal in the morning or something? Mixing it with your tea? Eating spoonfuls of it for lunch? What do you use honey for?

often in cereal. in smoothies. toast w/ peanut butter and honey. and green tea with lemon and honey is a staple around here.

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On 2/6/2018 at 1:29 AM, misteraven said:

Seems a lot of people are in a similar state of mind... Sick of social media or already giving it up, tired of retarded rents and crowds, tired of scraping out a meager existence in the rat race... Realizing that the world seems eager to keep driving full throttle towards the cliff.


Obviously there's a lot of opinion on this subject that keeps popping up across different threads. In general, I've seen lots of people sort of realizing that we seem to be on one of those hamster wheels chasing the latest iPhone or whatever gadget and then quickly realizing that its just a temporary happiness before your back running on the wheel chasing that next thing. Just a hollow existence that leaves you suddenly realizing how miserable everything seems to be.


Anyhow, many of you guys know that I made a pretty big move myself a year or two back. I had an apartment in Soho and brand consultancy / creative services agency around the corner, lots of invites to private / industry parties, more free sneakers than I can wear, etc... Yet, I was miserable. Seemed like everyone around me was miserable. Seemed like anytime I made an extra dollar, my cost of living went up an extra $0.98. I realized one day that some of the guys that lived in my building earned many, many times what I was likely to ever see and yet they lived the same basic life I did. At at the same restaurants, obviously lived in similar apartments, walked the same streets. No doubt I wasn't in a place to own a Mclaren GT or mansion in the Hamptons, but I also realized those guys owned shit they never used because it was a hassle to pull an exotic car out of parking, drive it down bumper to bumper cobble stone streets, just to zip around NJ for a few hours. Or wait in Friday / Sunday traffic fighting bridge and tunnel traffic to hit the Hamptons, so they didn't bother. Even worse, they had that same hollow look that seemed to me to be the same misery I saw in everyone else's eyes.


I used to skim IG and Tumblr looking at these amazing cabins with mountain views or photos of dudes fly fishing in these amazing landscapes and figured if I could only win the Mega... Then it occurred to me that you didn't actually need to win the Mega to live that lifestyle. That the organic vegetables for sale at Dean & Deluca I could really afford and the cabin with spectacular mountain views was accessible if I approached it a different way. So I started making some changes, rearranging plans and eventually dropped out of that situation. Managed to work some stuff around to buy a place in the Mountain of NW Montana, grow my own organic vegetables, raise a flock of free range chickens and ducks and live a more satisfying existence. Finally get back to the stuff that was important to me (12oz) and actually be available and involved with my kids and family.


So that's the Cliff Notes version of my story. If you guys are interested I'll post some pictures and always happy to answer questions. Mostly, I was just interested in hearing from you all and seeing if a thread like this and some advice from the few of us that have made this type of move, might inspire some of you other guys that are trying to figure it out.


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