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The Off Grid living thread (Dropping out the rat race)

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5 minutes ago, mr.yuck said:

@One Man Bannedevery time I see one of these posts it makes me reprioritize what Im doing and what Im working towards. Thanks.

For me its more like, what I am not doing, that I should be doing. 

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From the other day. A little post work time spent staring at trees and water.                    

So yesterday Fish & Game picked up their traps after two nights of nothing. They'd gotten a call about a bear a few miles away and thought maybe it had moved on as this particular bear has been ra

My banana plants are looking happy, coming into a hot, humid summer.    Pineapple grown from the top of a pineapple bought from the supermarket. One of the easiest fruits to grow!   

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I should probably mention don't do this, find your own thing, I'm sharing shit I enjoy but many would call this dangerous and/or stupid and they may well be right.  We climbed down some rock cliffs to sit in this tidal pool, using the rocks in front of us as a break.  But that's open ocean in front of us, it gets deep fast, and rogue waves are very real.  There's a lot I like about this but there's one main reason I'm here.  Next slide.....  

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This really made my day, had this experience in this exact spot maybe a year ago and had returned with hopes to repeat it.  Mission accomplished.  There are protection laws for seals, think they prevent you from coming within 100' or doing anything that may disturb or harass.  But in reverse, the animal can approach you, so we sat patiently until this little lady popped up for a breather maybe 20' in front of us.

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I'm currently in the process of acquiring the loan for a piece of property next to the 1 acre I already own.  This one is 4 acres, creek runs through the middle, it's a valley, hard land/very rocky, undeveloped full of trees.  I've got so many ideas already and I've been buying "heavy equipment" to make my dream come true.


One thing I'm counting on is the StarLink internet that Elon's working on to not suck.


It won't be 100% off grid anytime soon but the entire goal is to move towards that direction.  I intend to have a diesel generator mounted on a concrete pad to power the homestead when there is no power.  Part of the battery array thing people build (for solar) that concerns me is that batteries wear out and they're not necessarily cheap.  I don't know what the typical lifespan of a battery array or the cost of maintaining one is.


One other thing I want to do is, I have noticed that when I leave one of my desktop PC's running, even if it's idling.... the room it runs in will be a few degrees warmer.  I intend to leverage the heat put out from the computers to do something with.  I'm going to be very focused on growing my own food and recovering any amount of energy that is available in the form of heat, running/draining water/etc.


The boat dock is a 10m drive from the house if you're slow.  I'm pretty excited because I've wanted to buy an undeveloped piece of land for a long time now and it seems like the pieces are falling into place very quickly.

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2 hours ago, where said:

Are the trees from your land?

some is, but most isn’t. most my land is pasture but the wooded side isn’t as accessible. usually pull timber off public lands. 

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So thinking of I can squeeze out a few solid years, something like this will be my next move... Start with a humble, but we’ll considered, minimalist cabin and maybe later put up a beautiful custom home if I had another few good years. Probably have a few friends join me and setup a nice car commune type situation. 




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813 acres?? Mental.

you going to do anything particularly with or just have friends live there and shoot stuff/growstuff/fish stuff?

Trout farm in a few lakes?


I've been tempted by the idea of getting some land out in the deserts north of  Adelaide  to try and get in on the solar farming action.

They used to detonate nuclear bombs there so land has gotta be pretty cheap. Pretty much just dirt and baking sunlight there.


There's a consortium building a massive solar farm just south of the tropics in the NT that will supply about 20% of singapore's energy and no doubt that sector will grow.  Eventually should demand increase they'll be drafting in other properties to help with supply.


Indonesia has 9 times our population in 25% of our land area and they'll need power so there's a massive market potential right there.


But you gotta be near the railway lines or your freight costs will be astronomical and you gotta be prepared to live on mars practically.


 but no doubt I'll need a bit more start up money..

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@SchnitzelI have a pretty awesome setup (at least in my mind, but @Mercerhas been out here and seems to agree), but that land I posted is the dream. Honestly if I could pull off more I would, but 813 acres nestled between Federal land is a pretty solid setup. I’d probably start with an airstream or maybe just tents while building a cool modern, minimalist cabin. The dream would be to setup a sprawling custom home and maybe 5 or so cabins / homes that complimented their surroundings. Something that felt secluded, but was intelligently considered around a communal area for both entertainment / leisure, as well as cooperative agriculture and ranching. I’d carefully select a couple good people / families and leave a couple spots open for guests. Basically a commune / cooperative type arrangement. 

Lots of great things you could do with a piece of land that big. 

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