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Podcasts / Audiobooks - literature for the illiterate?


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Spend so much time either behind the wheel, or just with headphones on that podcasts have become a regular part of my content consumption. Started running out of new music, got into podcasts, now I'm running out of podcasts, and getting into audiobooks.


Would really appreciate suggestions on good audio books, listened to 2 productivity related audiobooks last week, and listened to Fire & Fury the week before when I signed up for Audible. Audiobooks seem to be a topic of interest judging by other threads. Nothing great on the audiobook front so far that I'd recommend.


As far as podcasts go, I've got a few faves. Still somewhat of a mac fanboy, and tech nerd so I've got a few favorites on my overcast that focus on these subjects. Keep in mind these are probably boring as fuck if you're not into macs or cryptocurrencies.


Accidental Tech Podcast App developers that originally wanted to make a car show, but had better results talking about tech.


Mac Power Users Two tech savvy lawyers that mainly discuss productivity apps, automation, and workflows for both iOS, and macOS.


Epicenter Long running podcast that covers blockchain tech. It's geared more towards people with advanced understanding of the fundamentals. Recent show with Elizabeth Rossiello was pretty good and there are a few real gems going back.



So anyone got podcasts they recommend, or audio books they'd like to recommend?

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I'm gonna be lazy and not link, but I've been listening to:


S-Town (a bizarrely woven story of one of the most interesting real characters I've ever heard of)

Waking Up with Sam Harris (science, philosopy, AI, atheism, etc)

More Perfect (sort of a survey course of significant supreme court cases and their ramifications and general constitutional law for dumb dumbs like me)

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Team Never Quit - Honestly its become my favorite podcasts. It features Marcus Luttrell (Navy SEAL / Lone Survivor) and some of his SEAL buddies and its basically interviews with random people that have a deep "Never Quit" story. A lot are super inspirational, but more than that, they're super interesting. Particularly enjoyed a recent one with Lance Armstrong that goes deep into his fall from grace and how he's managed to not throw in the towel. Anyhow, most are super good and very compelling and most all go a long way towards making you realize that your own shitty situations aren't all that bad compared to what some people have been faced with. Link: http://teamneverquit.com/podcast/


The Survival Podcast - I listen to this most regularly, but admittedly, most you guys would probably not be too into it. Lot of the topics are permaculture and gardening, as well as related subjects like canning, hunting, etc. Its rarely goes into current events and politics, but when it does, I find them to be very interesting as the guy that does them cuts through the bullshit by presenting very logical and unbiased fact and opinion (both of which he clearly delineates). His position is one of strong personal freedom / independence, as well as responsibility and he criticizes both sides of the political spectrum equally. One podcast episode I tried to turn people onto is titled, A current Look at the Great Lie of Dichotomy, which I found to be really interesting. Disclaimer: I tend to ignore / avoid politics and especially can't stand partisan politics. I don't relate or subscribe to either side of the political spectrum and pick and chose topics and concerns based upon what I feel matters, with no regard to what side of the aisle it speaks to. End of the day, I think its all a charade and that both sides suck. Definitely suggest listening to at least this episode. I can suggest a few others if anyone gets into that one.

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On 8/2/2023 at 9:05 PM, LUGR said:


So, I decided to give this a chance and put it on the other night and fell asleep. Had some weird ass dreams that I thankfully do not remember. Woke up in the middle of the night confused on wth I was hearing and turned it off immediately.

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