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The Crypto Currency Thread - Bitcoin, Litecoin, altcoin, etc

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No doubt most have seen how much hype crypto has gotten lately. This has been on and off my radar for a lot of years. I actually remember when Bitcoin was $8, then when it was $60, then when it went above $600. Over the holidays it almost broke $20,000.


Considering if I'd taken the down payment i out on my house out in all crypto, that it would have been worth something like $4.5 million only a few years later, or more extreme... That had I put $1000 into it back in 2013 when I was sort of thinking hard on it, that it would now be worth $1.13 million, I figure its high time I stop ignoring it.


Wondering who else is into it and if anyone is interested in sharing links and knowledge, speculating or just discussing. I'm far from an expert, but have found I know a bit more than most people I've talked to lately, so also happy to answer questions if I can (I'll be honest about it if I cant).


Anyhow, those considering getting into it, let me know... Also, if you do decide to throw down, here's my affiliate link on Coinbase - https://www.coinbase.com/join/5a2fec64cd1ae9019f6e3b7


After you fund $100, they'll give you (and me) a free $10 worth of Bitcoin.


So anyone else in on it? Care to share your experiences so far?

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