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BTW   I'm very hyped right now to say the least, ETH is on a fucking tear.

My biggest regret is sleeping on this shit. A few years ago I remember seeing 1 bitcoin for $1200 and thought, who would be dumb enough to buy this.       The next year it was

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13 minutes ago, CLICKCLACKONER said:

@Mercerme too bro.  I'm being a pussy and not buying more tho.

Yea, I should too but I won't, think that was a successful test pump to bear trap. I don't think I've paid more than $200 since 2017.

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I am not sure if it has been discussed here on the 12, but the thought of transitioning from tangible currency to crypto (when that time comes) in what ways will the transition effect classes of people?  


What i am trying to get at isnt the transition itself but more so the shift of powers, financially in regards to classes and demographics.    Which also stems off another thought,  how much will crypto (main/the most popular, btc, eth, and such) be worth? Will it rival the rate of inflation, or will it drop in value, then rise a little to level off at a median value of current inflation rates giving a shift in financial classes.   I mean, of course the rich keep getting richer, but let's face it, most people were brushing off cryptos years ago whilst laughing at the thought of crypto replacing tangible currency.  But now that these people (some of them) are beginning to see the reality taking place in the financial markets which drives the worth up. 


Or will crypto just widen the gap of rich and poor?  Will there be only two classes of people globally?  


I am not sure, I am not in doubt that crypto will shift financial powers considering it has created a lot of new wealth on a wide scale of demographic.  


Anyhow, I am just curious on the cause and effect the transition will have when crypto replaces tangible greenbacks.  


Regardless of what happens, I do like the thought of knowing I can go online and buy a grenade for $350.00 (considering this is legit source) which i just can't do with tangible currency anonymously.

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Unit bias is one of the first psychological hurdles (successful) crypto investors have to overcome. Good looks on not wasting anything trying to make it an even. Knew quite a few people I knew that missed out waiting to buy 1 entire bitcoin. Matter of fact, happened to me.


Like I'd just need $200 more during the Hillary vs Trump election to get 1 entire bitcoin even. Then by payday, Bitcoin would see more gains, so I'd put the $200 on the exchange, and not buy yet because I wanted a whole fucking bitcoin dammit. Next check comes, ready to cop, but now I need $600 more to buy one. (If I would have just bought when I was $200 short I might have doubled my money by now.


Next payday, dump another $500 into the exchange, but guess what, bitcoin just went up again. Fuck. I watched it go from $1200 to $20,000 the entire time "waiting" to buy an even number for no fucking reason at all. Till this day I regret that because it would have meant an extra 10K in gains.


The only reasonable excuse was that it would be easier to calculate how much I had in my head if I owned an exactly even number. 10k lost, just because I thought using a calculator every once in a while was too much work.

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