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Cryo & float therapy?

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Yes. I heard about them from there

But, has anyone given em a go? Two things I aim to try before the end of the year... also Pedicure(ten years of steel toes 50 hrs/wk lol)... My girl pointed out the steals they have on Groupon for these tings. Any one fuck w em. Benefits real? Float really trip you out? Have heard it was an early tool in MKultra studies but the patients were on acid trips, not sober. Cia tech yo



Ps- Have heard cryo is great for hangovers.

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Meditation is outstanding but there are things beyond dat ting mon


I suppose, but meditation is the original, and still in use for a reason. I mention hypnosis and self-hypnosis because while they are rooted in meditation they go a bit beyond that since you can add in instructions or messages to self. Meditation or hypnosis can also help you achieve the same effect as "float therapy" or sensory deprivation without having to lay down $$$ to be shut in a pod of dirty water at that strip mall "therapy center" that was a Radio Shack last week. Won't knock it completely though, if you have trouble learning to quiet your mind or tune out distraction then I guess it's a good way to start.

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Was intended toward those who are distracted by their surroundings, not those with manic thinking (although some of them would still enjoy sensory dep).


Anyhow, of possible interest to the crowd in here, this is playing now:

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