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Bleep Bloop - Who's got aquariums?

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Let's see some pictures of your aquariums. I've got 2 reef tanks with salt water fish and corals in them at home. Digital cameras suck for taking pictures of them because of the amount of blue needed to make the colors show up well in the corals..... so I don't have any fantastic pictures. I will post some soon, however.


Please post pictures of your aquariums, names of your fish, and stories about your aquariums and what got you into being an aquarist.


I have:

2x Black Ice Extreme Clown fish (mated pair) in the 14G tank - Gucci and Louis

1x female lawnmower blenny in the 14G tank - Penny

1x male lawnmower blenny in the 35G tank - Lenny

1x coral beauty fish in the 35G tank - Grape Rillo or "Rillo" for short

1x blue/green chromis in the 35G tank - Himler (because he stressed out and killed his 2 brothers)

1x royal gramma in the 14G tank - no name.


A few emerald crabs

A few bristle worms

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None, but I used to all day every day. Grew up with a tank in the house for a while. Got into it when older, at one time had 3 or 4 tanks running, cichlids of different sorts mainly.

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I tried my best for my late teens. But killed a lot of fish. Cichlids (sp) and Plecos are fucking dope.



Ghost shrimp are where the players play

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