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Let's see your bicycles and talk about your builds.


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So far I'm seeing high performance in the various cycling fields so I'll post my low cost and low performance project here. I plan to add details to it as a find them or have time to fabricate them.


Reproduction of a WWII era military bicycle. Copying the Wehrmacht style, Truppenfahrrad.


It started out as a stock 1973 Huffy 3-speed that I found in a thrift store for $6.99USD. The steel tool box for the kasten mounted under the top tube was $1.99USD from the same thrift store during the same visit. The pump was mocked up but never used and the rear rack was already on another bike I had.


It was approx. 90% disassembled and painted with the Rust-Oleum 12 oz. Camouflage series, Deep Forest Green. I masked off the chain though. Seat cover and hand grips were left stock 1973 Huffy color.





v Couple months later I added the white to the rear fender.









^ The current configuration

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Good practice to level your grips/bars FYI

I'll adjust those this morning. That may be the reason why the gear wants to stay in 3rd. Like it's pulling on the cable.


Nice one KSO. You see quite a few WWII era bikes restored around Europe in places like Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, etc.

Thank you. I heard about those and see some restorations online when I search for prototypical details.


Pretty soon we'll get to have WWIII era bikes, whether we want 'em or not!


rad little project, @Ko SprueOne


There are contemporary military operations on bicycles in various places. Usually patrols but I don't know if they are at the regiment or platoon level.

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As promised, here is my Sunday Wave-C bike. It was given to me by a local wheel builder for helping him with his WordPress site as a surprise gift. I didn't think much of it when they asked me what my favorite colors on bikes were. I told them red and black to match my car and they gave me this:




It's got automotive paint. Black base with red flake in the clear coat. He built some wheels that used red nipples on black spokes. In any case, it's probably ~15lbs lighter than my TrailBoss I have and it's easier to ride. I use it mainly for going between the parking garage and my work every day but it does get taken out to the dirt jumps here in Austin, TX every now and then.


Yes, those are nerf darts on the floor of my work.... for people that are fucking around instead of doing the pile of work we have to get done. It's one of the "cool" things that work places do now.

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Wow, this thread is moving along quick... Nice!


Someone suggested I get a full face helmet... Was definitely planning on that along with some armor, at least for the knees and shins and elbows. I'm about to throw down on a season pass for Whitefish Mountain and the pass is good all winter and the following summer. In the summer they adapt the lifts for bikes and have a bunch of cool downhill stuff. Really it was after taking a day trip this summer and seeing how fun it looked that I started looking into this. Bike I bought was for that specific intention.


Anyone have experience with any of this stuff? Any particular brands or type of armor I should look into? Rather 'buy once, cry once' and get the most out of the time on my bike, which means getting good kit. Suggestions?





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