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Satellite Internet (when DSL isn't an option)

Do you get the hype on Rick and Morty?  

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  1. 1. Do you get the hype on Rick and Morty?

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Do any of you have this?


I'm looking to move to the boonies where that might be my only option. While I love the idea of being wholly off the grid, I can't yet afford to make that happen.


If you've got it: How is it? How is it during storms? Do you actually get the advertised speed you're paying for?




(For those of you that wanted traditional DSL)


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You never get the advertised speed.


Data rates are ridiculous.


If it's your only option you might be ok. I lived on dial up then isdn then satellite, luckily for me I never knew the luxuries of metropolitan internet so I couldn't compare.


Going back would be hard.

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I don't know the first thing about Rick and Morty. But it seems like every adult I know thinks its the greatest.


My understanding of streaming using a hotspot is actually only good for about 20G of data. Speeds are cut drastically after that. Which would work for basic ebay, oontzing, or reading news, but streaming anything is immediately out.


It seems like the only option, so I will just have to learn to live with it.

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The company that is popular in the area I'm headed claims to have 25Mbps DL 3Mbps UL. A few reviews of it says they actually deliver higher than that with some regularity. I'm visiting the area next week and will talk to locals about it.


It wouldn't be the end of the world if I spent less time in front of my television...

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just saw this...


i have the same problem. satellite it only good if you're in am area that has gen 5 service. even then it capped, so it sucks. My workaround is that T-Mobile has an uncapped data plan for for tablets (believe its high speed for the first 10gb before being throttled back to 2mbps. If you get the international package, they uncap your high speed data and you get the benefit of free roaming globally. That's unlimited data anywhere the thing gets a signal. In my area, I can get a steady 13 - 30mbps on T-Mobile which is comparable to DSL (you can stream Netflix) and upside is I also have a laptop so I can use internet anywhere. If you move your cell phone line to them its dumb cheap... $20 for the data plan + $20 for the global unlimited. If you don't have T-Mobile cell service its $80 for the data plan + $20 for global unlimited. Since satellite is around $80 a month for their version of high speed (which at best seems to be around 7 - 15mbps), plus is called, this is a better deal, especially if you also have a laptop.


Drawback is that you need a device you can hostpot, though they sell iPads for less than Apple and you can also finance if you want. You can also buy a cheap unlocked hotspot capable smartphone off eBay for cheap if its a generation or two old. Also downside is that you often have to rest the hotspot as it will go to sleep after a while when not used (At least my iPad does). So you can't have an always on connection on your computer 24-7 like typical home DSL / WiFi setups.


But yeah, it works really well if you're stuck with no internet.


I did a ton of research on this and seems that 5G cellular is going to fix all of it. The spec is being formalized now and commercial handsets should be available late next year. 5G is being developed with VR applications in mind and is supposedly super stable as they expect to be able to do remote surgeries and shit with it. It's supposed to be a gigabit connection when launched and has a theoretical max of 3gbps later down the road. It's also supposedly built to scale massively to avoid the issues with network traffic they have with 4G. As such, it very likely that all 5G plans will be unlimited as there will be enough bandwidth for most the world to be sending video and other massive data streams through it.

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I hear that satellite internet can be pretty competitive in terms of cost vs. cable modem. I'm in the same boat in terms of rural internet at the new place I recently acquired.


I'd say as long as you're using the internet to do just basic things like surf and check email you'll be fine w/ satellite. Netflix and streaming services might be down graded to lower resolutions on slower connections but if you haven't already watched everything you wanted to watch on the streaming services, what are you doing with your life. Short of using satellite you're looking at using an LTE hot spot from your phone provider which could provide you with decent transfer rates depending on your proximity to a tower but most plans involve data caps and then a downgrade of your transfer rate after the cap is reached.


I recently got google fiber installed at the house I'm renting in town and have been enjoying 940+ mb/sec down and 970+ mb/sec up. I've been wrecking noobs on street fighter 5 streaming on twitch.... which is something you won't be doing on any kind of "compromised" internet speed offered by the slower cable plans and satellite.


Source: I've been fucking with computers and networking for a long time.


Edit: Rick and Morty sucks. I think it's a show that millenials like because it's these small quick servings of humor. Some of it is pretty funny but a lot of it has me thinking to myself "people think this shit is funny?" I admit I have only endured a few episodes.

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I just looked up what a millennial is - anyone born after 1982? Damn.. How are people 35 yrs old and younger getting lumped into one group like that?? I think it's just old people shaking their fist at the sky?


Baby boomers are 1945-64.

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