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Metal. Literally anything. Old or new.


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With the lines between metalcore and metal blurring so much over the last decade I don't care if this is metal enough for this thread.


Zombie apocalypse--life without pain is a fucking fantasy drops tomorrow and I'm fucking stoked.


I talked to Matt fox at a Shai hulud show about this album like 6 years ago and it's finally here. 


If you're not familiar check out tales told by deadmen

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Side rant here but those tshirts I posted above remind me of how you used to be able to get a kick ass shirt for $12, maybe $18-22 for a concert shirt.  Probably corrupted me because these days I can't see laying down more than $20 on a nice T.



That Car Bomb cover @Lorne_Malvoposted really reminds me of an old album cover, just mashed up.  Can't think of what album though.




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I would put that in the hardcore thread, but I fucking love early  earth crisis,  everything pre slither.  Screaming along to vegan straight edge songs is still fun, even though i "broke edge " at 22 and haven't gone more than a couple days without meat in about as much time. 


Firestorm and gommorhas season ends destroy. 

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And cosign on tshirts @One Man Banned. Before 2005 I swear the only band shirt I bought that was more than $10 at a show was Immortal when they toured with ManOwaR, which was $28 and I'm still mad about it.  My eighteen visions windbreaker only cost $25...


Now $20 is standard for a piece of shit gildan shirt that only fits Wal-Mart shopper midgets after the first wash. 


Makes me wonder how much @misteravenlost on those $12 forum tees. Cause $40 for a quality t these days is pretty fair imo.  

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