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Triumph is going to destroy the 'BUSA :(


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Well the killing caused shock/outrage and people are firmly linking that with all of the right, so people are tipping the scales in that direction. Before any of that happened, the one thing missing from all of the news coverage is who among the protestors threw the 1st punch/shove whatever. Clearly in media coverage you can see both sides engaged at various points. Not sure America is yet ready to handle the concept that there is also an extreme left even though it has definitely shown itself in the past.

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^he was basically quoting Nelson Mandela.


In my city, the golden state skinheads got a permit to protest what they called "white genocide" in south africa on claims that ever since the ANC had come to power in the early 90s Boer farmers have been the victim of beatings, rapes, and deaths....they cited some suspect as fuck sources......well a local chapter of anarchists found out about the protest and invited occupy oakland to show up as well.


the outcome was 2 violent sides shouting at each other with CHP on horseback to keep distance and peace between the groups....but both sides were ugly, and if they were allowed to go at it (like in charlottesville)...it would have turned bloody just like it did become a couple years later here in my city when the two groups got to actual fighting.


i seen it personally because i was curious enough to show up the first time as a bystander....but i wisened up the second time and did not attend because i realized that the bigger the audience and the more counter protesters there are, the more these white supremacists (or as they like to be called "white nationalists") have a voice....especially if it eventually gets media coverage.

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I'm sorry for posting this thread but time and access are a problem:


Re: Vegas shooting.

Even if every concert goer was armed they would not have been able to defend themselves.


No doubt... Impossible to stop all tragedies from happening. You can't always prevent, let alone legislate away, evil. But doesn't stop me from believing its a basic human right to be able to defend yourself and your loved ones.


Few people seem to know this fact, but the United States Supreme Court ruled that the police are not obligated to protect you unless you are actively in their custody. In other words, if shit pops off, its their legal right (as decided by the United States Supreme Court) to run away just like anyone else. They are no more obligated to stick around and defend your life than the stranger beside you.


Reference: http://www.nytimes.com/2005/06/28/politics/justices-rule-police-do-not-have-a-constitutional-duty-to-protect.html?mcubz=0

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