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Graffiti - SOTEP - Daytime rooftop spot


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As advertised, it was a roof in the daytime. Can you see that from the street though? There's no after shot.

Personally I'd bring the top of your T over to the right more and into the P, it's just cut off and scrunched.


yeah the letters need a lot of work still, thanks for the advice i will play around with it. and you can see it from the ground but its a chill spot. im just messing around atm playing with the videos

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I never watch videos. I'd rather just see a photo to be honest.



yeahh to be totally honest i agree with you, graffiti in person has a much bigger impact then on a youtube video, go this gopro thing for christmas and the only thing i could think of to use it is do a few pieces.

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Ha! Mate, starting multi threads on the one thing is annoying for everyone, Fist is on pretty firm ground and it's not like he was being agro or anything!


Anyway, I also prefer pics in location threads. That way you get to see context for style, difficulty of spot, etc.

thanks hua I'm new to this forum thing, I didn't realise that multi-threading was a thing, I thought that posting it in a different section a different group of people would see it but now i understand that is not the case i will stop. Once again thanks for clearing this up and explaining to me :)

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