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Another person killed for pulling a "bb gun" on police.


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I'm sorry but I'm pretty sick of this sensationalist movement where someone does some stupid shit to the police and then pays the price with their life. Did this kid in Ohio not have the internet or was he somehow unaware that pulling a gun, bb gun, water pistol, etc on the police was a bad idea? This is bad parenting not bad police work.


I'm actually not sorry. The asshole that was killed last year for trying to pull the cops gun while the cop was in the car got what he deserved too. I'm not saying the police are angels or they can go around killing people but it is THEIR JOB to kill people that are posing a perceived threat. Yes, perception is left up to the officer but they don't exactly make a practice of hiring idiots to do police work.


Let me give an example of my own interaction with the police. When I'm pulled over, I turn on the dome light in my car. I place my hands on the steering wheel and park in a well lit public area. No, I won't pull over on the shoulder of the highway just because you have flashy lights on your car behind me. I refer to the cop as "officer" and use my best manners. This has gotten me out of a lot of trouble.


Idiots need to take a cue from society that doesn't think it's ok to do stupid shit and not pay the price. I'm sick of this black lives matter crap. Criminals that have run ins with the police usually get what they deserve, end of story. Not sure how that can be debated. It's not about color, it's not about age, it's about common sense. People don't have that shit anymore.


/rant - now you can post your boob pics and millenial sweaty neckbeard opinions.

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I pretty much agree with all of this, except that they hire plenty of idiots to do police work. Your typical police force is not some elite command, they're human and there's idiots aplenty just like any other sector of society. And some of those elite commands have idiots too.


But yeah, you do stupid shit to an officer and you get what you asked for. There's also a reason that in some states those BB guns need something like the orange cap at the end to help distinguish them from a real gun. But even if it's a BB gun and you point it at an officer you can expect to get shot with something, even if nonlethal. These are just stand out cases though, there's officer training needed and there are other cases where poor judgment was exercised by the officer or maybe less lethal options could have been attempted.


Think Black Lives Matter separates the issue by race, but even if it happens dispproportionately it still affects everyone. Lives matter.

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Think Black Lives Matter separates the issue by race, but even if it happens disproportionately it still affects everyone. Lives matter.


I don't have a problem with your or dirty_habz opinion even though I may not agree with it 100%.

What I have a problem with is when people don't acknowledge that black lives matter too, and call it "crap." ......fuck that.


Just because someone says "black lives matter" it doesn't mean that they're saying other lives don't matter.


When someone responds with "all lives matter," they are dismissing the problems faced by black people (by basically saying fuck your problems...everyones got problems...deal with it).....and that does NOTHING to help.


this fusion article explains it better:





and I love how you guys are calling this kid "an idiot" (im looking at you d_habz and enterun) when he was only 13, and Tamir Rice was only 12.

could the parents have done better educating their kids?...yes....could the cops have not "jumped the gun?" (excuse the pun)...yes.

were these stand out cases?...yes......................have black men and women been shot even when complying 100% with officers?.....yes...(

) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqROP_T5jyM)

can cops use nonlethal methods to de-escalate a situation....absofuckinglutely.....should killing someone be a last resort....... yes, very last resort....

but we see this shit over and over again.


i know that we could go back and forth for pages and pages in this thread arguing about this and im not trying to do that....y'all have a right to your opinion and i have a right to mine, so were going to have to agree to disagree.......but think twice before you post once about calling black lives matters "crap" cause not everyone is going to co-sign on that right-wing conservative propaganda bullshit.

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Wow. Criminals defending police... WTF has 12oz become.


To serve and protect. Trigger happy pig fucks that resort to deadly force without using their bat-belt to full capacity are the problem. NOT dumb kids, hoodlums, thugs, whatever. Of the last dozen or so headline sized murder-by-cops that have happened, 100% could have been deescalated with other tools on their belt--tazer, pepper spray, baton, VERBAL COMMUNICATION, etc. This "split second" pull the trigger justification is nonsense--I could have killed at least one Afghan a day, following much stricter rules of engagement, but I didn't, and neither did most of my fellow soldiers. Cops have been given impunity for their actions, that any of you justify their tendency to shoot first cause they're scared is pure shenanigans. As taxpayers all of us pay for training and certification of these pigs for all tools on their belt, there is no excuse for them to not be used. Yes, the system is broken and they need much more and more frequent training than they receive, but when dipshit citizens like you give the police a free-pass with the "stupid prizes" argument you negate the chance of those necessary improvements happening.


The Constitution protects even the most stupid--don't be so willing to shit all over it because you've learned to pre-lube your asshole and grab your ankles for the officer, sir.


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^110% cosigned!


I was thinking the same exact thing....a pro-police thread on 12oz???....wtf?!


The majority of my interactions with the police have been fucked up....i've been talked shit to, cussed at, had racial slurs thrown at me, my arm twisted up and all this as im in the back seat of a cop car trying to be respectful (or as d_habz put it refer to cop as "officer" and be on my best behavior)....not to mention the one time the cops didnt have shit on me when i was pulled over cause i was riding clean and he came back to my window and threw my license and registration at me and was being extra condescending.


I also agree with the deescalation with verbal communication especially...they get trained for this...but theyd rather shoot first, ask questions last....they show no restraint at all....are there cops that follow the rules?....yes....are there others that think they are above the law?...YES...the reason im on a fuck ALL cops type shit, is because even the ones that follow the rules don't hold the ones that dont follow the rules accountable.....heres an example of one cop following the rules while the other cop is a straight up fucking asshole prick...



and as fist said theyve been given impunity for their actions, so they can get away with this shit.


Now they have "blue lives matter" and cops are full on wearing blue line patches....its a fucking slap in the face to the black lives matter people who are trying to bring attention to the senseless loss of black lives....here are some cops in my city wearing said patches....



P.S. Thank you for your service Fist.

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Don't know that much of the above was directed at me but just to clarify a few things... I'm definitely not pro-cop, but I'm not anti-cop either. 9/11 just passed and I've never heard anyone say "fuck those cops that died trying to save people." Again, there are plenty of asshole cops- plenty, and there's places like NYC where they've been able to fend off any type of oversight to their department, which I find to be dangerous and suspect. When I say lives matter I mean just that. You can try to break it down to one race but if you take just 12oz, everyone here has a story to tell about the cops regardless of their background. If they are there to voice discontent or outrage, then Black Lives Matter is doing a fine job as a movement. If their goal is actual social change then I think they'll have to include others in the conversation if they want to be successful rather than drawing a dividing line.


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I don't live in the US so I can't make a call about any of that. But from what I've seen in the US when working there and what I see online, I think there is a problem both with cops and with some parts of US society. I see lesser versions of that in my country, cops acting like dickheads and not being accountable and people acting like dickheads but blaming others for their situation (actually, our cops are often held to account, especially when filmed!).


Fucked if I know, just heaps of dickheads in the world. Hmmm, wonder if I'm one of them? Could well be.....

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Honestly I think the problem is much broader... Americans have had no clue how to effectively protest something since the 60s, it's so misguided these days and little change actually occurs. We can also blame our government for militarizing the police. The part of me that wears a tin foil hat is suspicious that that was an intentional social experiment.

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Black people are justified in their outrage. The "we shall overcome" non-violent era of yesteryear falls on deaf ears now, and the cops are either NOT prosecuted at all, or acquitted on all charges all together (see Freddie Gray & Baltimore cops).


As a matter of fact, just 3 days ago another unarmed black man (father of four children) raising his hands in the air, was shot and killed by police in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The police tried saying that he didn't show his hands when the video shows the exact opposite of that. And police radio recordings from the helicopter reveal cops calling him a "bad dude."


/end rant.


p.s. black lives matter

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I'm sorry


Only part of your statement that is true. Do your legs get chapped riding on your high horse all day?


The police are people who are given every single leeway, benefit of the doubt, every single opportunity to vet their story. They have every weapon in their arsenal, backup, radio, vest, guns, tazers, the law, the unions, everything, yet still, somehow, when they make mistakes, horrible, life ending mistakes, people still support them?


Is pointing a gun of any sort at an officer dumb? Yeah, it surely is, but for some reason, one race gets burger king, one race gets merked and villianized. One race gets murdered for skittles and tea and one race gets to rape babies on camera.


I will gladly stand with the oppressed everyday over the oppressor, and in this case, the police are the oppressor. You cannot sit there with a brain in your head and say that showing up to a vigil for a murdered person in full riot gear with military grade weapons is an appropriate response.

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