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Something I can really appreciate about certain writers is there well rounded in the game. For example Batle (R.I.P), he has it all, stickers, scribes, tags, throwups, straight letters, pieces, rollers, extinguishers , you name it he has it all! I guess I like that they are trying different things and trying to expand there horizon. Another thing I like about it is you use whatever you got, whatever tools you have available at that moment and you try to make the best out of them. In the book L.A. Graffiti Aloy (Msk,Ska) had a quote,I can't remember the exact words but the key point was a real graffiti writer uses whatever they got,you don't need a certain kind of tip or brand of paint to do something dope. Not saying I don't have my favorite tips and paint I like to use,what I'm saying is don't rely on those things,rely on yourself and test yourself in all different ways with all different kind of tools. Learn what tools work in what situations.image.thumb.jpeg.22bf0c00dbb278154ec93d6e0f270173.jpeg

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