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The Where Are They Now, prelude to a 12oz Reunion Thread


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  • 3 weeks later...
Prostitution addiction, is it real.

The answer, quite simply is yes. The answer quite simply is yes.


The results quite simply, are destructive. I've made numerous loud, shameless endorsements at of such behaviour in Bali Germany fashion over the years on here but I have come back to discuss the dangers.


Erectile dysfunction caused by substance abuse. The partaking of lewd sexual behaviour that may have adverse effects on any sort of normality within the sexual relations within a committed relationship.


The lowering of oneself to the kind of pathetic act of paying someone to screw you.


The ever constant reawakening of being a card carrying member of society's lower end of community wellbeing.


Guilt of all mentioned as well as countless examples made reality in partaking in such behaviour.


The risk of having law enforcement discipline handed down for something any good girlfriend would be more than happy to provide with someone they respect and care about.


Spending dollars otherwise used on anything else productively imaginable weather you've got play paper or not.




Affiliation with potentially life effecting individuals that have links with other potentially life effecting individuals looking for weekend warrior, outside characters already being untracked when meeting with said individuals of such professions, making them easier targets for vulnerable targets of life effecting crimes.


The pros, limited at best.


Hookers are like crack hoots, your chasin a fantasy br0.


Oh shit I just moved back to Van, you ever get that movie project off the ground? PM me let's grab a beer!

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  • 4 weeks later...

aye morton. errbody.

Detroit -> Jail -> release -> masters program -> Ann Arbor -> help desk job -> Married to foreign national doing biological research at UM -> laid off job -> wife returns to japan to work as hematologist -> cant join her because of drug convictions -> collecting unemployment, waiting for lease to expire so I can GTFO A2.

so bad to rock bottom to bad to decent to good to bad to ugly

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