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Down to the core are there only two types of writers in essence besides straight up taggers (handstyles)?

What I mean is that is a writer either more dominate in "Throw Ups" or in Fill-Ins?

Sure people can do both styles but once they get to doing murals, pieces, Wildstyle, BlockBusters, Burners, Skyscrapers, Hangovers, etc. their art style is reflected by their comfortability in Filling In or doing it like a Throwie. What I am saying is some prefer to do letters first and then fill them in (Fill-In) while others do the background and color first and then create the border/outline (Throw Ups).


How do you feel about this?

Should one focus on both or is Throwin' where its at?


For me I started with Paper (doing all styles) then moved on to Tagging (Handstyles) on the streets.

After that I started doing Fill in Bombs (Bubble Letters).

And then started doing more detailed Fill-Ins with Characters.

I then moved on to Throw Ups and Stencils. But as I progress as a Writer I am realizing that my throwing needs to be developed more. I feel it will improve my Pieces in the long run so I am now going back to doing throws again.


What do you think?

Are there two fundamental (Foundation) Styles: Throw Ups and Fill-Ins?

Is Throwin' more important to develop in the long run in regards to obtaining faster and more elaborate Pieces and Wild Style on the streets where it counts?

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I think you're throwing around a lot of terms here. Could have been explained/asked more simply. In the end it really doesn't matter how you paint as long as it looks nice when done. I don't know if there are any videos of Totem painting but I recall him dropping the outlines of everything and then filling it all in, characters included, with no need to re-outline. Was quick, clean, and impressive.

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