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Great Moments in 12oz History

El Jefe Uno

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That shit's too funny. Where is Steve now? One story I can share is how we used to troll the shit out of TEASE all the time. I mean, he kinda brought it upon himself. Then, years later I moved to Austin and made an effort to go meet the guy to play some pool and drink beer. He was a lot nicer in person and not retarded like people probably thought he was. I mean, I know the whole getting preggo by giving bj's thing can never be lived down but he was a good guy.


I also used to enjoy the shenanigans that El Mamerro would pull on his family. I am pretty sure there was some tea bagging of mom and peeing in the fan that was blowing on his sleeping dad. I dunno how real those things were but something makes me think it was real. Ah, good times.

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Original Russian Bride thread where the mod team gave real thought to bringing over a crew of hot, lonely Svetlana’s is still the most epic thread of all time. Really wish I could find it. 


Free 12oz shirt to anyone able to dig it out snd bump and bump it back to page 1. 

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Forgot the SN but I can cleary picture a phat white ass.




Not sure if I posted about this, but an ex of mine said she would've never been with me had she read my posts here before we hooked up. Shit really fucked with her. Haha...

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8 hours ago, misteraven said:

That’s a good one for sure, though admittedly I was only loosely following. Think that was the era where 12oz started really getting out of control. 

was good fun because Ralphy said when it was going to happen and we all joined the adamsblock forum in the hours/days leading up to it


Gradaually their forum started filling up with cryptic posts just saying oontz and the veterans of that forum started saying "wtf is this oontz shit?"


it was a time when I was working this rubbish job where I sat by myself for hours each day and it was a friday afternoon AU time so there was nobody around.


Remember hitting refresh on the feed thinking "fuck where is he?" because Ralphy was a few minutes late then it just went off. In one of the pics a cops car stopped at the lights and we were all sure it was over but they drove on.


I thought it was cool becaiuse besides the meet ups it was an event I was really part of!


the aftermath got a bit boring though..



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