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Great Moments in 12oz History

El Jefe Uno

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  • 4 weeks later...

what brickos said!

something new.






this was good when real life and the ooontz all came together

The forum takeover with all the uninitiated sitting saying "what's Oontz"

everybody waiting with bated breathe to see if Fat Ralphy would come through with the goods!


Sukisukinow, milkgrenades,1988,inkface,Caligula were great company.


Inkface reminded me what a dumb idea it would be to try and fly cross the united states with a baggie of coke when I was wasted and I decided it was a great idea at a party. Munching Jamaican Roti in MTl with Stan.


Kandybah was the tranny's name posing as the african student or something.

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good memories. i haven't logged in in a minute.


"this is the place" and "what are you listening to" introduced me to lots of new music.


the day in the life picture edition was always entertaining.


the myspace + mspaint thread made me lol.


second life was super fun - http://forum.12ozprophet.com/index.php?threads/%E2%80%A2-second-life.108722/

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Who the fuck is currently steering this ship... Can someone at least update the front page with a daily throw back pic or some shit...


It's beyond depressing...




random hero and mitch

throwback thursday or some shit



anyway i think we might've lost another developer. last post was in may and there's only been lurking since, with last login July 7 or something.

don't expect much.

we mods have exactly zero control over the front page and the social media accounts, and there has been nothing but crickets from the actual people running things behind the scenes.


glorious days are gone.

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12oz booty contest. i think Amongst posted a pic of his girls ass and that was it. I think ^.^ was second place. that woman had an ass for days too.

There was a sketch book going around. i think Poesia started it and it was mailed from person to person.

Destruction league with Casek shai and seffiks. finding random forums that were vulnerable and just fucking their shit up.

Bloodfart and all her life stories.

too much to name

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^there were a few sketchbooks going around....whatever happened to them?


Rage's passaround was completed. i wasn't satisfied with my contribution but oh well

also did one with some oontz ladies. me, suki, seven.13, maybe some other folks

i think most of the rest were lost tho

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Okay, going to chime in here for a sec... On topic first, think the hardest I've personally ever laughed was over the original Kaws Chomper thread. Definitely some photoshop geniuses working in that thread. Also, who remembers the Russian Mailorder Bride thread we had going? Believe it grew to include Asian Brides as well, but yeah... A crew of 12oz heads trolling mailorder bride sites and posting the hits. I recall some conversation about actually some of them being written letters to and even some people plotting seriously about figuring out how to fly a couple girls out. Think that was around 2001 - 02 or so. The thread sort of degraded once it got to the point of discussing being pen pals with hot chicks that were in prison. (Side note: I still occasionally get emails from lawyers asking us to remove certain threads that have pictures or information regarding people locked up. Super random, but last one was like 3 months ago).


So that out of the way, I wanted to take a minute to thank all you guys... First for the fact that you've stuck it out during 12oz's dark days and also because it's obvious you mother fuckers still care or threads like this wouldn't exist. I've recently started briefing in some of the mods to this fact, but will now start talking about it publicly... 12ozProphet is going back to it's roots in that we're killing off the blogs, the third party news, the advertising and all that. We were best known for our original content, stuff like doing one of Twist's earliest interviews, the first interview Os Gemeos ever did and discovering / publishing talent years before they became household names (Kaws, Shepard Fairey, Dalek, etc). By cutting out the news and blogs, it free's up time and resources to make the forum a priority and also puts us in a place to start focusing on our own thing. Original content will be a part of how we release product. Though over the years we hear a lot of compliments about the forum and what it used to be, but more than anything people were always such fans of the zine, the books and even regularly bring up why we never continued with the t-shirts or followed up with the Nike collab stuff we did.


Reality is that to earn a living we've operated behind the scenes as an agency. Through that, we've been involved with some really cool stuff and have done really well. Problem is that it all came at the expense of what we loved most, which is 12ozProphet and the products we had once been putting out. Though I've been mostly MIA for years now, I've been maintaining a steady effort to keep this website going, squashing bugs, researching new methods to keeping it alive, as well as planning on how I might be able to focus on 12ozProphet full time. To be honest, I'm not there yet, but I am working towards it.


We've recently launched our agency website (check it out to see what we've been so distracted with) - http://collective.12ozprophet.com - and I'm probably no more than a few weeks away from relaunching the main 12ozProphet website. The forum is getting a major upgrade (we've been closely reviewing and investigating a bugs / suggestion list from the mods) and as far as the rest... It's going to simply focus on 12ozProphet; what we do, how we do it, friends & family strictly. No more third party news, no more blogs (though that content is being preserved as read only). Later in the year we're working to get an online shop back up and in the meantime, I'm taking literally years worth of ideas and notes and translating them into designs and concepts for products that we'll start releasing shortly after.


So, anyways, apologies for taking this thread off topic. Seems I've broken my own rule so maybe I'll split this off into its own thread. For now, however, just wanted to say thanks for years worth of laughs and support and wanted to let you know that me and the team are working hard to try and ensure that 12ozProphet's best years are ahead of us.


Oh yeah, Draw Ball... That shit was epic!

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