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  • 2 weeks later...

poz became the irl homie the very same week that i landed in portland. dude picked me up and we went straight to the skatepark. rather quickly, i discovered how good he was on a fucking skateboard. real talent there. i could go on for quite a while about this shit but i'm not going to. just wanted to pop in and lay some words down for the g. peace, quincy.

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  • 2 years later...

I had a really hot coworker that had thought Quincy was really sexy so she asked me if all three of us could hang out sometime.


We all went to the beach together, and a good time was had. Someone brought up hard alcohol so we bought some and my boy put it DOWN. He had a Christopher Hitchensesque way about him, in the sense that he could get smashed yet remain incredibly articulate and a blast to have a conversation with. I didnt realized how drunk dude was until it was too late.


The chick and Q were really hitting it off, so I was thinking maybe it was my time to bounce, so they could be alone. Next thing I know, Q begins puking all over the inside of girl's car. Im not talking a lil on the floorboards, homie soaked this fucking whip all over the goddamn place. Oh man, girl was freaking out, hahah. I ended up having to take off my shirt and give it to him cause the poor prick was covered in his last couple meals and in my drunken state of mind, i thought if i got a clean shirt on him it would somehow fix the situation. It didn't. At all. Girl by now is super pissed at the both of us and quincy had blacked out in her car. What happened after that was a blur, but Q and her definately never hung out in the future. I gave him hell about that day for a long time, and he was a good sport about it. 


He moved back to mainland not long after pukefest and got sober, I was super fucking proud of him, and still am. Love ya, buddy. You cant read this, but, fuck it. 


RIP Quincy

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