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american politics 2016 elections thread

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Id like to see Elizabeth Warren as a cabinet member.

Anybody else read the tweets she posted about Ted Cruz being a whiner?


i know nobody says this on the internet anymore, but he got "owned"



YES x 10,000,000


Elizabeth Warren is everything.

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so it looks like cruz is going to lose indiana (they vote tuesday - he trails by double digits), and mathematically, this kills him.

indiana was the last best chance to stop trump. at this point he has a clear path to juuuuust barely clear the 1237 needed to win the nomination outright. much of the gop (marco rubio! lmao!) has begun to face the music.


we are about to see a trump - clinton election, which will probably be one of the nastiest in recent (and distant?) memory.


strap in folks!

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Yep, this is going to be an election to remember - old practices and measures will go out the window because Trump will change the game, to a pretty large degree (likely not in a positive way either). Whilst I don't underestimate Trump one bit I still reckon Hillary will win because people will mobilise against Trump.

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the DNC is trying to call trump "dangerous donald" now, because mimicing trump's tone and messaging worked so well for republicans and translates so well to the above-average voters that hrc should be racing to lock up.


i don't think they can blow this, but they're trying.

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Already has. one could argue that white nationalism hasn't been this central to a major american political candidate in quite some time.


The white nationalists already have their own party:




in past elections, white nationalists like jamie kelso and david duke have supported ron paul (i think mostly because of his defunding financial support for Israel plan)...heres jamie kelso debating some young ron paul republicans about race at a CPAC event:



hes also the same guy who held a high position in scientology and now works with don black on stormfront.


but i digress....its kind of funny to see these white nationalists support trump because trump has said time and time again that he is pro-Israel, but i guess the thing that is resonating the most with the white nationalists is trumps keep the mexicans and muslims out of our country rhetoric.

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I really don't think Bernie hanging in there will damage Hillary in terms of the battle against Trump. McCain got a big bump on Obama when he became the presumptive Rep nom and people were freaking because Barry was still battling it out and they were saying "Hillary needs to drop out because this is damaging Barry". Once Hillary finally dropped Barry's ratings peaked and he went on to win against some one who united the reps more than Donny does.


Hillary and Trump are so far apart, they aren't fighting over the middle, they're fighting to mobilise people against their respective opposing candidates.

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Lemme guess, that's DAO?




Either DAO came across much smarter than I realised or I need to up my game! Last person I ever thought I'd be mistaken for.


*heads off to skinny jeans shop so as to never have anyone make that mistake again









Fucking DAO??!

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lol...for the record....i never thought you were dao...

bernie came back to my area for another rally...but i aint standing in a 3 hour line in 103 degree weather to hear him speak.


finally got my vote by mail ballot in...hope i made the right choices...not just for president but also senate, house, mayor, measures, etc etc.

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