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Man. Fuck Religion.

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Yeah, she looks like a douchebag, but I think the bigger point is a critique on what our government allows in the name of imaginary friends. Exceptions for headwear, eg Sikhs and Muslims. Or Sikhs being allowed to carry sacred knives all the time. Or not paying for birth control. Or putting the ten commandments in front of a state house.


Whether it is pastafarians or the church of Satan, any critique of religious power/control/tradition in our country gets my support.

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some say what's going on in Syria (until russia got involved) is a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

they have seriously conflicting interests.


Egypt also has a very complicated relationship with the kingdom as well as qatar.


you definitely cannot lump all those countries together.

and like lumping all christians together, with over as billion muslims you have a shitload of people all thinking in various ways, some highly varied.

the other issue is that i'm not sure how many Syrians would even want to go to places like SA, qatar or Iran.

Syria was (is?) a really secular place compared to most of the rest of the Arab world.


the recent Frontline on Syria was incredibly good reporting

more than ever, i think the west needs to stay out of this shit.


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The challenge is in how it is defeated. But that is not the end play either, defeating the ideology is the overall challenge. I'm not sure I've heard a comprehensive, cohesive and credible explanation as to why this ideology has the seductive power that it does.


It's not a challenge, here are the steps to creating new terrorists:


1. force ugly women to have sex with you because you cannot bag one otherwise.

2. start young training the kids to hate.

3. brainwash them with your religious ideals rather than letting them know right/wrong and good from bad.

4. profit.


The cliffnotes are: brainwash children that are gullible and impressionable.

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but if i had some degree of sympathy for disenfranchised and persecuted people living in the middle east who got fucked over by world powers,

that sympathy is gone.


I don't know if they ever deserved any sympathy. Look at what the entire rest of the world has done with their time and resources in the same period that these guys have been "waging war" against eachother. When you're too poor to do anything except throw rocks at eachother and rape to "get the enemy back", it might be time to find another "profession".


I simply don't feel sorry for retards that want to remain with their heads buried in the sand. Pick up a book and read, get on the internet and visit some sites..... figure out what the rest of the world is doing, because it definitely isn't that. It's not hanging out holding eachother's cocks watching the bollywood remake of broke back mountain while planning the next attack on the neighbors.


I wouldn't feel too bad if one side agreed to disagree..... or if they could just get it over with. It reminds me of a lot of dancing around and not getting the hay maker in. Let's get that hay maker or you guys kiss and make up.

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Also, if the billion plus Muslims don't like terrorism, they should join together and stop it.



The simplicity you're asking 1.6 billion people to act with suggests you could say "All the motorists should join together and stop car crashes.


It's easy to apply unrealistic and irrational responsibilities on to others that are impossible to apply to ourselves and the groups we exist within.

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Won't let me edit:


The simplicity you're asking 1.6 billion people to act with suggests you could also say "All the motorists should join together and stop car crashes. You're also saying that Muslims are responsible for Islam like all Christians are responsible for child molestation in the catholic church, that all Latin Americans are responsible for narco-terrorism and all Australians are responsible for the Liberal Party.


"You vaguely belong for a broad and massively diverse group that you have zero control over but you are responsible for everything bad that comes from it, no matter of how far away you live from it, what little you know of it, how different you are from it or how innocent you are of it."


More rational and accurate to blame humanity and idiots than anything else.

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Not all of one group is ever responsible for what a small portion of the group does.... true, but you have to ask yourself if that means you should just throw your hands up and say you're helpless.


"I don't like it, but i'm not going to do anything about it."


You know what's golden about having the "terrorist" discussion on a graffiti forum? Well you should just be able to put those pieces together. Maybe all graffiti writers should band together and stop those that are painting illegally..... right? Lol, yeah right.


Another thing thing you're missing is that anyone that molests a child is not a catholic. There are defining traits of people that fall into religious categories. You cannot call yourself a man of God if you do things that are not as intended.

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No, I'd argue that molesting a child is not backed up by the bible. It's not like they've taken an extreme view of Catholicism and decided that it's right and proper to be diddling the doodles of little dudes. They are broken humans that don't deserve to share earth with the rest of us.


I don't put responsibility on each and every Muslim, that's retarded. But if every Muslim stood up, I believe the terrorists would lose.


I hear they cut the pay of ISIS soldiers by $100/m

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Yeah, the Catholic thing is just a loose example to look at the premise of an argument - that people who share an identity are responsible for the acts of those sharing that identity, which includes the responsibility for stopping those acts.


I realise, Pro, that this may not be exactly what you're saying but I think you get the drift. Not all Muslims think and act alike, just like not all Christians, not all graffiti writers, not all black people, not all rugby players, not all vegans, etc. etc. So having them all act as one is an irrational expectation or hope.


There is a lot of actions being taken by Muslims in Western societies to combat the radicalisation of youth. That is one of the most important efforts for countering violent extremism, home grown terrorism, and for ensuring the cohesiveness of multicultural societies.

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Sure, look how standing up to priests has stopped molestation in the church...


Anyone is made to be a lot less capable of standing up to a bully when they have no home, no place to go, when they've been criminalized by the West with guilt by association, etc.



Another thing we have to acknowledge is that in continuing to degrade Muslims' rights or social standing we are encouraging them to look to groups which preach resentment of the West. When half of the US refuses to accept refugees we're doing exactly what ISIS wants. More fodder for their fire. Not on some "love conquers all" shit, but this whole guilty-til-proven-innocent tactic will absolutely not bring peace.

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I just don't see how you can say you're doing your God's will by harming others and hiding out like a scared little bitch. Most every other religion teaches that you should be a good person and attempts to instill morality in it's followers. Vicenews.com covers a lot of the gritty things that you won't read in other news places. Seeing the children on the clips that are learning to be terrorists; you realize that our effort is very futile.


As long as they hide in the dunes, hide in plain site, pretend to be people they aren't, we won't be able to stop what they're doing. This is the exact same problem with computer security. You cannot stop everyone. You can stop a few, but you cannot stop them all. The real answer, in my mind, is for everyone to get along. Not this hippy suck eachother off bs that liberals love so much..... I mean, if you want to be a little asshole, well be a little asshole, but do it quietly and don't bother others. This means, don't go blowing up your neighbors, the people downtown, the people at your school, the people at the theater, etc. If you could get the idea in their heads that everyone can exist together if we just have a little respect for how others look at things then I think we'd be headed in the right direction.


Of course you could say that I'm not respecting their perspective..... but I will never respect a view that others should be harmed to get your message across. If they want a religious war they should just hash that out with themselves. I have no idea why we wanted to be involved in any of it other than the oil money. Seems to me like we're sticking our dick in an ant pile full of ants that don't understand complex thoughts that normal humans have.


Just imagine if most of your day was spent wrapped up in ideas about religion rather than contributing to society as a whole.... and I don't mean your little narrow view of what society should be (if you're a terrorist).

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