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The Hip Hop Thread


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yung lean and bones pixelated tears, xxxtentacion sippin tea in yo hood, Xavier wulf bluntz on my mind, ztarve carousel, playboy the beast self made self paid, dieabolik the monster fear of falling, dieabolik the monster if I tried, ztarve excorcist, slug Christ impregnate a goddess, bones butterfly, dose one self explanatory, oldominion parallel to hell, jedi mind tricks,

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What are you doing CALIgula?


Oh nothing, just making a list. (Subject to change)


1. 2Pac

2. Biggie Smalls

3. Eminem

4. Big Pun

5. Redman

6. Tech N9ne

7. Rakim

8. Black Thought

9. Busta Rhymes

10. Masta Ace

11. Wordsworth

12. Nas

13. Big L

14. Apathy

15. The Last Emperor

tech over rakim and big l? ehhhh idk

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Maybe not if rakim woulda came out with that album he was working with dre on...as for big L..i wish his life wouldn't of been cut so short...his word play was very on point. ..he coulda came out with way more music. .but i guess I'm being a hater cause pun didn't put out that many albums either but he's at my 4...it is subject to change though especially if tech puts out wack shit in the future...but as far as the game goes he changed it by putting out tons of music on his independent label..that's partly why i ranked him as high as i did. ..cause it was a game changer

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