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The Hip Hop Thread


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Backseat driving, passenger traveling
Bumming a ride in my own brain
Pointless meandering, using the vanity mirror to break up the cocaine
Loitering, lost in a memory somewhere between a first kiss and a dope vein
Nursing myself as an infant and in the same instant I'm shackled and cuffed and restrained
How does this fucking pertain to anything other than coping with pain?
All of the time I spent hoping to change
Just an obsession with stoking the flames
Haunted, something hovers over me
I feels its breath
The skeletal projection of accumulated stress

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On 10/27/2018 at 5:26 AM, massgraff said:

A few recent ones




Was a little boring. Thought I'd enjoy it more tbh..


Special shout out to "loungin" and "down the backstreets" ⭐⭐




First time listening to MF doom. Was solid. Great production ⭐⭐⭐⭐




"Masters of the universe" or "water world" as some may know it.


This album was dope. Nice beats and lyricism. Have a tough time giving anything 5 stars tho. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

DOOM is tight, make sure you give Madvillany a listen

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This is one the most solid screw tapes. Great transitions, great songs.

probably top 3 screwtapes in my opinion.

The song @ 1:14 :00 is very smooth.


DJ Screw, Let's Call Up On Drank - Chapter 8 Trip On the South Side -

Mr. 3-2 & Fat Pat

Pimp Thang - South Circle

Back And Forth - Cameo

Freestyle -C-Bo

Ain’t Nuthing Wrong - Twins & Warren G

Freestyle - Mike D, Fat Pat, Mr. 3-2

Type Of Nigga I Am - Street Military

Freestyle - Dove Shack

West Up - WC

Tonites The Night - RedMan

Droppin' Bombs - Trae Dee & Sentrelle

Hold Tight - 5 Loose Ends

Gotta Maintain - South Circle

My Block -2Pac

Let’s Call Up On Drank - Fat Pat, Mike D, Mr. 3-2

Who's Got The Camera - Ice Cube


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