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chester copperpot

GT Crew "In The Matrix"

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image.thumb.jpg.68d66cded579c409165e393eaa28d633.jpg image.thumb.jpg.68d66cded579c409165e393eaa28d633.jpg Over one hot and humid summer weekend, one particular corner of Newark bore witness to some heavy crews, putting in a lot of work. 12oz already covered the MD crew's huge wildstyle burner, http://www.12ozprophet.com/news/brickslayers-md-crew/ but at the same time, in the same complex, was the GT crew, going 8 deep on a Matrix inspired mural.


12oz caught up with ChekGT to talk a little bit about the crew that he founded back in 2000. As graff can do, a year after starting the crew, Chek was feeling a bit uninspired, "dried up and out of ideas", so he passed control of the crew over to Droe, with one instruction, to "keep the crew alive". And since then, Droe has done just that, amassing a group of both writers who came up in the 90s, plus some younger guys. The current line-up consists of Mad Hatter, Lean, Droe, Torch, Brew, Remi3, Serk, Benk, Torn, Hew, Mas, Ramrod, Deso, Wiked, and Chek.

This project was Matrix inspired, and movies are a recurring theme with the crew. As is their ability to do characters and creatures, both in these big productions, but also in the streets. To keep up with the crew, follow them on Instagram @GTKrew

Words and photos by Chester Copperpot







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