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Smart Tv - yay or nay?

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My LCD screen got damaged a couple moves ago and my PS3 stopped output of HDMI


trying to decide whether to grab one of these smart Tv or a normal one and get ChromeCast or Roku or FireStivk or whatever else


All id really be using is Netflix. I don't fuck w cable tv unless it's aports and I don't really play video games anymore. My PS3 is pretty much just a Netflix machine right now.


Smart tv seems like a good idea because of only needing one remote and not having to use up an unnecessary usb port for another device. Not sure about the extra cost though....


Any input?

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I have an older one and it does Netflix, HBO go and all the other things like that with no problem. All you need is wifi and a hdmi on your TV.


I also like it to put my iPhone and iPad on the TV screen. Makes watching bootleg movies and things easy.


$69 right now.

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Chromecast has had shit reviews, I was really excited about the idea when it came out, but it apparently just doesn't have the processing power to actually do what you want it to.


I'm in the market for Roku or something like it as well.

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I have a regular lcd samsung tv....i bought the Roku2 a couple of years ago to make my tv "smart" and am super happy with my purchase.

about a month after i bought the roku, my girlfriend bought the apple tv for her apartment.


in both of our opinions, the roku is much better and has more channels (and you can even add private channels)...in the past 2 years, her apple tv has caught up a bit but its still lagging versus the roku....she mostly bought the apple tv to mirror to her ipad, but never really does that cause the quality goes to shit......even though i have an ipad, i never tried to mirror it to my roku.


we use her apple tv for HBO GO and netflix and movies we sometimes get from itunes.....i use my roku mostly for netflix, crackle, etc....theo huxtable just recently got the newer roku3 and he said he was happy with it....my parents have google chromecast at their house and use it to mirror different shows to their smart tv....but i havent really fucked with their chromecast....chromecast is cheaper of all of them, but i definitely trust roku and its only $100 which is cheaper than upgrading to a smart tv.


hope that helps....if you have specific questions, let me know.

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I say go for it if you have not bought one.

Smart TVs are way better than the regular LCD or LED TV when it comes to ease of use and things you can do with it.

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i'm way late to this party but


i've had lots of success with my chromecast.

i really like it. might be some of the best $30 i ever spent.


my man hates it because it's not good for streaming files on your computer. but i stream off a website so it's great.



we recently took all the change from our change jar and cashed it in to buy a Vizio smart tv.

that way we wouldn't have to buy another roku


i'm very happy with it.

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it was one of these.

not as big as you'd think.


2.5 liters.



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Whats your budget?

Slickdeals.net has tv on front page daily


I got Apple tv 2 (not recommend, outdated)

Firetv Tv ($99) and firetv stick ($40)


I highly recommend the amazon brands , they got it right the first time.


No need for a Pc or mirroring app/cable


1080P hdmi , remote control.

Able to slideload "Kodi/XBmc"

Plus all other apps smart Tv have


Ive been promoting it here for a while (xbmc)

Havent paid for a tv cable subcription since 2009

Apple TV is good?


Anyone mess w the Amazon FireStick?

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Nice. I have a buddy who had a gen1 Xbox w XBMC and it was pretty sweet. Didn't know you could use that w the Amazon sticks. Fuckin aye....


My budget would Prob be around $500. Seems like more than I'll need after pricing at a few places. I'm looking in the 32" range.


If that Amazon deal works that way I may forgo a smart tv and save the extra cash.


Kicking around the idea of setting aside an afternoon to roll through a bunch of pawn shops and see what kinda prices/deals are around.


I really wish I could get my current TV repaired for a radon able amount. I really love it. But got quoted like $200.... Makes no sense when I can get a new one for $300 and not have to worry about it ducking up agai in a year or whatever.

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you can buy a vizeo with only that much change?!


ours was like $345

and we bought the cheapest mount, which was $25 i think

yup. bought with change collected over 7 years.


40 incher.



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