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Sanuk -- anyone fuck w them?

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image.thumb.jpg.5dafe42d8c6d96d1175c5796c5e59e98.jpg My house shoes are shot

And my sandals for the beach are dead as well


Thinking of grabbing some of these to satisfy both needs with one purchase


Anyone worn them? They comfy?

Water resistant like they say?

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Costco was selling the beer cozy sanuk flip flops a couple of years ago...so i bought them...they were only $20.

I still have them to this day and they are super fucking comfortable but are almost wore down completely now.

I was in Hermosa Beach in So. Cal a few months back and went into a store and saw the same pair but for $30 and decided not to spend that much on them, because I am hoping Costco will bring them back this summer for $20.


As for the pair you posted, I have only met one person wearing them (khaki color) and he really liked them, so if they are reasonably priced I would get them.


As for water shoes, I bought a pair of red lands end water shoes for men a few years ago and really love them....they werent too expensive and have lasted a good 5 years now (I only wear them out to the river though)....




As for house shoes, i bought corduroy house slippers from the flea market for like $7...



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I was looking on Amazon at different sanuks.


Might get a pair.


Depends on how the summer turns out.


Low shoes or sandals is the question.

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So cozy. Never buying house shoes or sandals again. The footbeds feel like they're made out of a yoga mat or something

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Get a haircut hippie!!




i think the footbed might be the same as the beer cozy material they use for their flip flops...i would post a pic just like yours but my toenails are on some long ass razor blade shit right now.

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