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like I said before, I have never really had Greek food, but damn!...every thing we had just eaten we agreed was fucking delicious!...the chicken was cooked perfect... tender, juicy...and tasted good...the olive oil and bread was good....the sausage was had good herbs and garlic in it and was delicious...and the mousaka and pastitsio were good too!...so far, everything was good as fuck!...


so we posted up a bit and decided to let some of that food digest....


here is a pic of the program I took while we chilled in the shade...




finally after about a good 15 minutes, we got up and decided to walk around a bit....


here were some people eating their food with the Greek flag in the background..OPA!!




and we watched the band a little bit...the band was called Helios...





here is Helios playing some music...




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there wasnt too much to do and the venue was a bit small....so after a little bit of walking around and checking things out for another 45 minutes or so, we decided to split a gyro (lean beef sliced thin on pita bread topped with tomatoes, onions and tzatziki sauce)....

so we stood in line...




we ordered a gyro and stood off to the side watching where the magic happens...


I hope he washed his hands...




the meat was cooking...now throw some olive oil and onions and mix them up...




the Greek Elton John....




making our gyro....place the bread down...tzatziki sauce...then the meat...topped with onions... lettuce...tomatoes...and magic...




and the finished product before we ate it....OPA!!..





this gyro was also delicious as fuck!.....so far, hands down, the best food we have had out of the last 6 festivals we've been too...pretty safe to say, we will more than likely come back to this festival again next year..



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at this point, we were full and happy...but we were both craving something sweet....so we decided to get some "Loukomades" (fluffy dough balls deep fried and tossed in a honey syrup and topped with cinnamon and chopped nuts)...




we had seen a lot of people eating these and they looked good, so we knew that this was the right thing to try....









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our turn!


hook it up!!




im not going to lie...I didn't even want to take a flick, I just wanted to dig right in!...but I controlled myself and flicked the finished product....




we ate these and wow!....once again, SO FUCKING GOOD!...


at this point, im a fan...i might just have to visit Greece for a month and just eat....lol...OPA!



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we also decided to get some sweets to go...


we bought a diples (fried dough, rolled and topped with honey, walnuts and cinnamon)...




and seen on the left something called a galaktobouriko (custard filling baked between filo dough and topped with syrup)....




we took these home and ate them later on in the day...we both agreed the diples was just okay...i liked the galaktobouriko, even though my gf didnt like it...



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lastly, before we left, we finished off the day with some italian ice....that has nothing to do with the Greeks, but is delicious...i know its a Philly thing, but im glad its starting to make its way out here to cali...been on an italian ice kick for the past 6 or 7 years and I get it when i see it usually....




this guy was the owner....really cool guy...we talked about his business...they are trying to set up an actual brick and mortar store soon...




we got two scoops....i picked strawberry and my girl picked lemon....





...and then we left!


all in all, it was the best festival we had gone too so far!....the food was great, and since the weather was nice and the venue was small, we didnt have to do a lot of walking (only 5,500 steps), we were happy with the event!


I hope you guys enjoyed....more festivals to come!...



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Cool thread. What type of camera were you using?


I am currently on another euro trip and will have to post up some of my pic once I get home and sort through them (must have taken around 4000 or so so far!!).


Not sure what the NSFW standard is around here these days, can you fill me in?

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...and his lady.


So, I haven't made any threads in a while but have always wanted to make a thread about the festivals and fairs here in Northern California (specifically, the central valley). The festivals pretty much start about a month into spring and go all the way till the end of summer.


Some of the festivals ive been to, and some of them I havent...last year I tried to hit up as many as possible but fell short...this year, im going to try to do a majority of them and post some flicks and video for y'all to check out....so this will be an ongoing thread until then.....i hope you enjoy.



This past weekend was the first set of events me and my girl went to....on Saturday April 18th, we went to Picnic Day at UC Davis, which is about 15 miles away from here in Sacramento....





we woke up early and left Sacramento at about 8:30am to beat traffic on the 80....but the drive wasnt bad at all since we had some classic hip hop (Leaders of the New School) to bump on the way there...




I was at picnic day too. Didn't wanna wait in the long line to see the dog races in the auditorium so ended up watching the dogs do tricks in the field outside and watched the helicopter land at the firehouse.

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Well, i kinda gave up on this thread... it was a lot of work editing and posting pics with typing up everything... and little response (12oz was already starting to shed membership to social media)


all in all, we went to about 12 or 13 festivals that year....i still have pictures from all of them.. maybe I'll finish this thread sometime later. 


One of the festival me and my gf (ex now) ended up going to was the Gilroy garlic festival.


The same one that was in the news recently where 3 people were killed and many more injured.... crazy to think that i was just there 4 years ago.. this shooting hit close to home as i keep thinking about what i would've done if i were there and how i would've held up afterwards. I've only been shot at once back when i was about 21 years old but hearing that bullet whizz by me still haunts me..i can't even imagine hearing what they heard at the festival... or even worse, if i got shot. 


Sorry to bump this thread.. it's been on my mind a lot recently and watching and reading the news doesn't help...


End rant. 

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