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white people thread 2.0

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not mad

semi-related poll thread jack tangent: show of hands in agreement of women with thongs vs. non-thonged butts?

I'm personally not a big thong butt fan because I postulate that poo follicles get rubbed on the thong string.


not all thongs were created equal.

It's actually weird.. some of them have a strip of fabric, and sometimes that strip is a bit too wide. the G-string style of thong is better i guess because it's much harder to feel that there is something wedged in there.

I don't really care for them, and have gone commando instead depending on the clothes. i hate VPL though, and unless i can cover my butt with a long shirt, in leggings they are essential. so i have a couple pairs but they are hardly daily-wear.

I've known women who only wore thongs though of course. and women who had no problem showing VPL.


I am a pro-thong advocate.

Though I don't think that the thong is the sexiest option within the lady's underthings drawer, they certainly serve a purpose. Underwear lines are a no-go in this current tight-pant-fever. While you're not wrong about particles of doo-doo butter ending up on the fabric; to pretend that wedgies don't happen with any other sort of underwear is somewhat narrow-sighted. And let's just not even get started on vaginal excretions throughout the day...


my man doesn't care at all about sexy underwear. i have a few things that have just gone to waste for the past 8 years. so preferences on women's underwear varies tremendously from guy to guy.

you make a good point about wedgies, so let's hope everyone's lady is clean or knows how to shower after #2

yes. there are excretions. i'm sure that varies a lot from lady to lady.

that's why they invented pantiliners and a lady can 'freshen up' a little


I find myself more attracted to seeing a girl's panties through her pants than anything. Unless of of course i can see her thong through her sheer yoga pants. Writing this makes me feel like a creep.

Oh and i like the high waisted jeans look on the right girls. The girl in the first picture doesn't have the body for it and is wearing them like they are aren't high waisted.


yes. preferences are varied. quite a lot. and hey, if some chick has on sheer pants i think your mind can go wherever you let it.

can't stand high waisted jeans. though somehow, high waist skirts are ok.





and there you have it. the lady's opinion no one wanted :haha:

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