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Hobos, Tramps and Homeless Bums

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I'm not certain if this point is cool here or not, yet when I'm in the yards, I see tramps incidentally. I see graff craftsmen sometimes. More often than not, I don't see ANYBODY, not even yard specialists. There is an enormous contrast in the middle of Hobos and Tramps. There are truly not very many vagrants left. Current tramps consider homeless people to be the old clocks from the steam train days of the Great Depression. There are a couple of them still alive. Steam Train Maury Graham in Napoleon, Ohio, is one of the best known beggars in America. (He rode back in the late 1940s and '50s. He's in his eighties now, yet he still goes to wanderer traditions sometimes. The best known tradition is the second weekend in August consistently, in Britt, Iowa. It's on Route 18, 35 miles west of Mason City, Iowa.)


Homeless people go to work. Tramps go to not work. Bums can't work or travel, they simply get high and beverage. What's more, "homeless" individuals have a demeanor issue. I lived outside for a considerable length of time at once, and I not even once felt like I was "homeless." Wherever I was, that was "home." I approached it with deference. I saw a hand-lettered sign in a wilderness that said, "Genuine Tramps Keep A Clean Camp." I accept that, as well. The fellow that taught me to bounce cargo, Rufe, said it commonly. "You ain't no bum. We keep a clean camp here. Lift that junk up off the ground and blaze it." Rufe called that having a "straight-up tramp mentality." All business, no messy conduct. Being homeless is not about being POOR. It's about being WHIPPED DOWN and NO-ACCOUNT. There's no motivation to go around all squalid and messy. I lived outside with all that I claimed in a ruck sack. I still washed up consistently and cleaned up and washed my garments. The individuals that do that kind of poo (strive for a considerable length of time without showering or cleaning themselves up) are rationally sick, seriously. I don't trust in begging. Working like a squeegee tramp is OK, yet no asking, and no taking. That kind of poop needs respect. (Gotta go. Be back later.)









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CharlesJk8--What is this about Chas? Are you bitin' my thread? Just curious. This thread has run since October of 2001. That's over thirteen years. If you don't like my shit, then say so, but don't be unoriginal. True tramps and true writers don't bite each others' style. Just sayin'.

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