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South Korea is on to you punks..


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It was only after they flew back to their home country on Feb. 7 that the police identified the four Australians with security camera footage. They matched their faces on security footage from the airport and then checked immigration records.


The four men were found to have spent 10 days in Korea - dedicating at least three of those nights to spraypainting Seoul subway cars.


“We don’t understand how foreigners who never traveled to Korea before knew so expertly the subway stations’ structures,” said Shim Mun-sik, chief of a crime investigation department of the Seongdong Police Precinct.


The instances of graffiti being painted on subway trains, which is considered property damage, have seen a big increase in recent years. According to the Korea Railway Police, a total of 12 instances of graffiti painted on subway trains were found in 2014, up from only one in 2013.

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I thought about that for a while some years ago


Decided English letters just flow better with the hip hops


All that chicken scratch Asian alien shit has too much going on to be steezy




The spice must flowwww

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Asia is a dope place to paint, very liberal views on graf depending on what country you go to.

Matching faces is mad easy when your the only white boys in a sea of Asians, and there's more cameras around then the good ol U.S.

Most white people around Asia seem to be from Canada, Australia, some New Zealand, and the W Coast.

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You know those people with Asian tats that actually mean a different thing?


I wonder if there are a few writers writing in English and they have no idea what it means?


Absolutely, and it's hilariously awesome!! You can't just connect two characters and think it means what you think it does, classic mistake. Sometimes it makes no sense, other times, comedy. Example- a female friend was friends with another female who got a Chinese letter tattoo. She thought of herself as a beautiful free spirit, so she got the characters for wild and flower tattooed together on her arm. Sweet deal, right? Except in Chinese, a "wild flower" is a slut, so that's what her tattoo really says and anyone who can read Chinese will likely laugh at her if they see that. BTW, think you can google some funny examples of that shit.

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