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Graffiti Battle

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Whatsup 12oz!


I host monthly graffiti battles on my YouTube channel and although I feel the format is pretty well done, there could definitely be a higher level of competition. Right now the same dude has won it back to back and I need some more people to enter that can help raise the bar. Its a fun battle and I put out a results video/new battle every month. The winner receives a little award as well. Its nothing too fancy but I think its pretty cool.


Anyway, I know there are some incredible artists in here and I would love to have some of you get involved in these. I consider myself to be a really fair and honest judge and I've been into graffiti for a good 15 years so I like to think that I always pick the right piece to win the contests.


Anyway, check out the video and give it a thought.

All the best,



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Don't start the same stupid thread in multiple channels.


If you're interested in the shit talk please visit Channel Zero.

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